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Frauds, Forgeries and Hoaxes in Christianity

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Frauds, forgeries and hoaxes are rampant practices in Christianity. It seems that the Bible is the preferred target of these practices. The followers of every denomination in Christianity take the liberty in changing the Bible to make it look supportive to their tenets. The accusations of frauds and forgeries laid on a certain denomination by the followers of other denominations provide a wealth of material that expose these practices. Have fun.

1- How the Bible Was Invented; by: M. Mangasarian.
2- Fraud in the Bible – What is Pious Fraud?
3- Some Trinitarian Forgeries; by: a Monotheist, 1906.
4- The Gospel Hoax; by: Stephen Carlson, 2005.
5- The Secret Gospel of Mark Unveiled; by: Peter Jeffery, 2007.
6- Juggling of Jesuit - Forty Popish Frauds Detected; by: Richard Baxter, 1835.
7- Blunders and Forgeries; by: T.E. Bridgett, 1891.
8- Errata of the Protestant Bible-4th Edition; by: Thomas Ward, 1841.
9- Corruption Unveiled of UBS Bible; by: Jesse Boyd, 1997.
10- The Golden Bible_The Book of Mormons Is It from God; by: M.T. Lamb, 1887.
11- An Apology for the Common English Bible; by: A.C. Coxe, 1857.
12- The End of Religious Controversy; by: John Milner, 1849. A catholic accusing the protestants of fraud.
13- Milner Refuted or Pious Frauds Exemplified; by: Charles Collette, 1856. A protestant refuting the accusations of a catholic.
14- The Frauds of Romish Monks and Priests, 1821.
15- The Bible Exposed; by: Erasmus, 1862.
16- The Bible_Is It the Word of God; by: T.L. Strange, 1871.
17- Secrets of The Davinci Code-US News, 2005.

There are other titles relevant to the subject that were uploaded before and are not included here; these include:

- Wheeler - Frauds and Follies of Early Christian Fathers
- Painter - Popery_Enemy and Falsifier of Scripture
- Emerline - Frauds of Papal Ecclesiastics
- Wheless - Forgery in Christianity