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Franz Bardon Magus Collection It need not be said that one who is interested in ascertaining true knowledge may search in vain for years, or even an entire lifetime, for a reliable method of instruction. With the help of these instructions the student can begin to realize his most fervent wish, the path to perfection. The yearning towards this exalted goal again and again forces the student to collect, from far and wide, books and works which are considered to be the best on the particular subject of magic. However, for the greater part these collected works are only embellished with eloquent and promising words, but have little or nothing to offer for the actual practice. Over a period of time the student discovers that he cannot make sense of all the methods collected, and the goal for which he yearns unfortunately slips farther and farther away. Even when the neophyte begins work on his progress with a recommended course of instruction, his diligence and good will does not produce any satisfactory results. Besides that, no one can give a dependable answer to the always emerging, nagging question: Was the path he had taken the right one for his individuality? Divine Providence had an understanding for all these honest human beings seeking and waiting with patience. Divine Providence determined that the proper moment had arrived and requested that one of Its Chosen Ones place a universal work into the hands of those striving for divine truth. This Great Work is based on the initiates' many years of practically gained and proven insights on all subjects of the Highest Knowledge. Franz Bardon considered this request by Divine Providence as his holiest duty, and presents to the public in this work his theoretical and practical knowledge with a clear conscience, without striving for recognition or to make a name for himself. It should be mentioned that, in his past lives, Franz Bardon had the highest Oriental initiates as his great masters and teachers, and that he has been blessed by Divine Providence in this way. The simple style of this work was chosen on purpose in order to make it possible for all seekers of truth, regardless of age or profession, to begin immediately with the enjoyable task of discovering their own true perfection in order to dependably reach the final goal, which is "becoming one with God". Since it was the will of Divine Providence to have these works written and published, it therefore remains at the discretion of Divine Providence to make them available to those who most yearn to work on their spiritual ascent in accordance with reliable methods. It can be justifiably said without exaggeration that, from time immemorial, this is the first time that a work as complete as this has been made available to the public. ebooks: German originals Franz Bardon - Das goldene Buch der Weisheit (Fragment).pdf Franz Bardon - Der Schluessel zum wahren Quabbalah.pdf Franz Bardon - Der Weg zum wahren Adepten.pdf Franz Bardon - Die Praxis der magischen Evokation.pdf Franz Bardon - Frabato (Deutsch).pdf Gregor A Gregorius - Die magische Erweckung der Chakra im Ätherkörper des Menschen.pdf English 7 Hermetic Letters by Georg Lomer.pdf Bardon's Teachers.pdf Franz Bardon Book 1 Initiation into Hermetics 2001 Merkur Edition.pdf Franz Bardon Book 2-1 Practice of Magical Evocation 2001 Merkur Edition.pdf Franz Bardon Book 2-2 Practice of Magical Evocation.pdf Franz Bardon Book 3 Key to the True Kaballah.pdf Franz Bardon Frabato the Magician.pdf Franz Bardon Initiation Into Hermetics, Sacred Magick Edition.pdf Franz Bardon Questions and Answers v2.pdf Franz Bardon Questions and Answers.pdf Franz Bardon The Universal Master Key 2013.pdf Georg Lomer Seven Hermetic Letters.pdf Hitler vs Frabato by Robert Bruce Baird.pdf Rawn Clark A Bardon Companion, Expanded 2nd Ed.pdf Rawn Clark Gates of Initiation.pdf tags: occult, magick, hermetics, spiritual, soul, God, evolution, transformation, enlightenment, illumination
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