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Franz Bardon Hermetics Magic Complete Collection

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Born on December 1, 1909, in the Czech Republic, Bardon is considered a leader in Hermetic literature, and destiny proved him to be one of the most remarkable magicians of the 20th century. Though he maintained a normal life as an industrial mechanic and family man in the Czech town of Opava, his other, occult life was full of attainment and tragedy. During the last years of WWII, Bardon spent 3 1/2 months in a concentration camp and was subjected to various tortures because he would not aid the powers that be in winning the war with his occult powers. After the war, he dedicated himself to writing of his now famous books on Hermetics. His work was interrupted forever in 1958 when he was falsely incarcerated for not paying taxes on alcohol used in the preparation of his spagyric remedies. On July 10, 1958 Bardon died in a prison hospital in Brno, Czechoslovakia.

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