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Flat earthers won't use Google earth now!

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Flat earthers won't use Google earth now!

Metro: Google Maps has made a big change that's going to anger Flat Earthers.
Google has quietly rolled out a change to Google Maps, shifting what happens when you zoom all the way out.

Instead of displaying a flat ‘Mercator’ projection of the world, the tech giant has rounded it out into a sphere. You can spin and rotate the big blue marble any way you want.

Which is great for most of us, but not great if you happen to be one of those people that believes the world is flat.


Flat Earthers are disgusting people (or fools)

I'm of the opinion that most of them are trolls who like to entertain themselves by misinforming the gullible and getting a rise out of the rest of us. And then of course there are the sad few who actually get sucked into believing it.

My recent study of psychology has taught me that there are people who have zero ability to think for themselves. They are open vessels, sitting targets for the creeps who will take advantage of them.

and then....

those that are into both hollow and flat earth?!?!? next thing you know it'll be 4 elephants and a big fuck off turtle! :P

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