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First Contact (2016) Bashar Channeled by Darryl Anka

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The true story of the UFO encounters that led Darryl Anka to channel an extraterrestrial being known as Bashar, who delivers messages to prepare Earth for contact with another civilization.

Narrated by James Woods, the film not only explores the potential positive impact of E.T. contact on our society, but also demystifies channeling, the medium through which Darryl is able to communicate with the inter-dimensional being.

First Contact explores many of the questions we’ve been asking for millennia: Why are we here? What’s the nature of existence? Where are we headed? Bashar answers these questions via channeling and explains how the universe works and how each person creates the reality they experience.


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Daryl Anka is an actor, after all. Is Bashar perhaps the longest running role of his life? Or is this truly a transdimensional entity coming through? Some of Bashar's ideas seem pretty wise and cosmic. Others seem like they may have been borrowed from Seth and ACIM

The way I think of it is, if other civilizations wanted to make contact with us, channeling would be a good tool to use. A main issue is trust; we trust our kind of people and do not trust "them". So things like inspirations, channeling, hybridization, brief physical contact could all be used as tools for increasing contact. It's worth considering how higher dimensioanlity relates to our dream state and what kinds of contact we can have in such states. Humans on earth try to create technological means for near instantaneous contact over distance or non-verbal communication etc. in ignorance of persistent stories of such abilities on earth for millenia. Probably progressivist arrogance.

Channeling is acknowledged to be a mix of the channeler and channelee; whether in aspects of vocabulary used or concepts present or other things that make communication more intelligible.

if you believe in the science of Remote viewing , then the channeling is real asper farsight remote viewers - time cross project which was specifically done on Bashar -
youtube link : (BASHAR THE EXTRATERRESTRIAL: May 2019 Time Cross - Farsight)

this guy's a Trekkie right?? the name's straight out of TNG ;)
Bashir in TNG.. lol