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Final Judgment The JFK Assassination Conspiracy (2005) 2nd ed

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The Missing Link in the JFK Assassination Conspiracy - now with much improved Mac computer voice Daniel UK

America's Nr. 1 Banned Book. Final Judgment is, beyond question, the most controversial - and certainly the most widely denounced—book on what is perhaps the most written-about subject in American history. Yet, most of those who have so hysterically condemned this book have never even read it. Critics viciously attack the author, but they refuse to debate him. This is the one book on the JFK assassination that no major publisher dared print. Despite all this, those open-minded individuals who have dared to read Final Judgment - including some very well-known names - have concluded that this book is the one book that most completely outlines the entirety of the conspiracy that took the life of John F. Kennedy. Final Judgment presents what the author, Michael Collins Piper, calls the other side of the jigsaw puzzle - the long-ignored, but otherwise freely available details (all found in mainstream literature), which present a stark new light on the circumstances surrounding JFK's assassination.

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