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Famous Jews who changed their names

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fake name & real jewish name listed.

Israel - a location on earth where some of the most ruthless & hard core criminals call home.

word of the year: Sayanim - 'Jews living outside Israel that volunteer to provide assistance to the Israeli Mossad. Includes facilitating medical care, money, logistics and even overt intelligence gathering. Estimates put the number of sayanim in the hundreds of thousands.'

'Megaphone' - 2 Greek words 'mega' = big, 'phone' = voice/sound.
The name given to the Israeli/jewish program that provides money to mega-malakes (ie Israelis/jews) to search the net for information/posts/comments that are critical and not acceptable to Israel/jews. When such information is found, an 'instant message' is sent out to all other mega-malakes on the program, and the Israelis/jews then attack that site. It is in essence 'INTERNET TERRORISM'.

and remember: ALL RAW DATA collected by the NSA, is given to Israel.

Judaism = a religion of self worship.

'Jews think any 'non-Jew' is less than human'. Their word for a 'non-human' is Goyim (similar to cattle)

This is why we have so much trouble and wars on earth. Because these handful of mentally fucked criminals, believe that they are better than other humans, which then encourages them to lie & cheat & steal & kill other non-jews, without any feelings of guilt or remorse. Ironically, in having that fucked up belief and associated behaviour/actions, the Jews show themselves to be barbaric/ non-human (ie the jew is the real Goyim). qed. You have to love the irony