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Fallout Polymer Fiber - Cobwebs from Chemtrail Sky (2012)

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Fallout Polymer Fiber - Cobwebs from Chemtrail Sky (2012)

This is a very interesting report from Germany in 2012.

It is in german but this doesn't matter much.

These pictures are amazing and speak for themselves.

Beware: Anyone still denying chemtrails must be a disinformation agent or be under mind control.

These recordings are the irrefutable PROOF that chemtrails are very real.

You will see a web of polymer fibers on the ground in real-time.

These fibers have not been caused by spiders.

These fibers endanger your health.

Do we have to walk around with an umbrella now in sunshine to protect ourselves from these fibers?

It seems those tin-foil-hat nutcases weren't nuts after all.

Do not touch these fibers.

Don't let your children play on the ground.

Do not grow food in the open air. Use a greenhouse.

Who are the real terrorists?

Those who make you feel terrorized.

Do these fibers make you feel terrorized?

Join in the war on terror.