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The Fall of America and the Western World: A Survival Guide (2009)

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National Bankruptcy. Hyper-inflation. Severe Credit Crisis. The Death of the Dollar and the Euro. Socialism. Even Martial Law.

For the first time since the Great Depression, the world's problems have become our problems. And the experts all agree things will only get worse.

Are you and your family ready to survive the catastrophe?

Featuring exclusive, never-before-seen interviews with some of the biggest names in both alternative and mainstream thought, including NY Times best-selling author Naomi Wolf; radio-talk show host/filmmaker Alex Jones; conservative icon and the father of Reaganomics Dr. Paul Craig Roberts; NYU professor Mark Crispin Miller; best-selling author David Icke; best-selling author Michael Zezima (Mickey Z.); finance expert and author Doug Casey; Federal Reserve expert and best-selling author G. Edward Griffin; radio-talk show host Doug McIntyre; biblical scholar Ken Klein; journalist and constitutionalist Joseph Farah of World Net Daily; economist and precious metals expert David McAlvany; This riveting documentary could literally save your life!

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