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Fake Ass Punks & What It Means To Be A True Rebel

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From Occulted Knowledge:

"(Updated version -slides and audio fixed) What is Seed? It's a FREE Two-day conference featuring a proactive approach for the task of spreading significant knowledge of Consciousness, Mind control, Truth, Spirituality, Self-awareness, Occult, Sovereignty, Anarchy, and how they all relate to the universal problems that we are currently facing as a species. It should be a wide scope of enormous scale tapping into a variety of topics. This event is held each year at Skatopia in Rutland, Ohio. Check for more info.

Topics --
- #Punk
- #Psychology
- #HumanConsciousness
- #MindControl
- #NaturalLaw
- #TheOccult
- #Freedom
- #Philosophy

My thanks to Mark Passio for putting this work out there, In allowing me the opportunity to share what I have learned from him.

Check out his work at"