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Fårödokument 1979 / Faro-document 1979

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Fårö Document 1979 is the ten-year followup to the first documentary Bergman made about his adopted home, Fårö, where he filmed many of his best works and lived until the end of his life.

In 1969, Bergman made a surprisingly direct and political document about Fårö’s importance. Ten years later, he decided to take a second look at situation. The update is surprisingly optimistic, with several remarkable “then and now” juxtapositions. The unhappy teenagers about to decamp for Stockholm in the first film turn out to have settled into the quiet, isolated Fårö life. Interweaving scenes of extraordinary beauty with interviews and rigorous sequences depicting everyday chores, customs and rituals on Fårö, Bergman develops a complex, understated and loving portrait of his tiny island.

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