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Exit the Saturn Moon Matrix - Ascension & Manifestation [pack]

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Exit the Saturn Moon Matrix - Ascension & Manifestation by ThunderWizard The Saturn Moon Matrix is how the mind becomes trapped in duality within the Matrix. Understanding how Saturn and the Moon work together to keep you trapped will help you change your vibration in order to escape the Matrix and live forever. The only way to truly beat this global conspiracy is to exit from it, to exit from it for good. We're getting serious now - Apocalypse Now with a touch of Marlon Brando. Create your very own personal apocalypse, and create it now - some call it "the rapture". Apocalypse: An apocalypse (literally meaning "an uncovering") is a disclosure of knowledge or revelation. In religious contexts it is usually a disclosure of something hidden, "a vision of heavenly secrets that can make sense of earthly realities". review: This channel has the most accurate information at least for me among all the hundreds of channels I have listened to. I am a mixed ethnicity person and a disgruntled Buddhist/Taoist. I already know a lot of the information here, but what I found interesting is any bits of information about the Nordic beliefs and practices. I was really surprised to see that the Nordic pre-Christian beliefs and practices are nearly the same with the Asian ones with trivial deviations. I always thought the Nordics are all Vikings who are superstitious murders and pillagers who at best channel lower astral beings for guidance. The Eight Temples Meditation Project That ancient challenge, "know thyself", is the primary call to arms for those seeking Self-realization or initiation into the Mysteries. The great error many make is in assuming that self-knowledge is just an internal thing. But quite the contrary is true, for the 'self' we are trying to discover is ultimately an infinite, all-encompassing, universal being. To truly "know thyself" is to know that all is Self. It is for this reason that a path of initiation seeks to correlate the inner, personal world of the psyche, with the outer, physical world. These all-too-often disparate realms are woven together by taking full advantage of their commonalities in structure. With the tools of analogy and symbolism in hand, the initiate artfully traces the lines of causality that naturally exist between what is experienced internally and what is experienced externally. The initiate achieves this by pursuing self-examination concurrent with a disciplined study of the external universe. Each is pursued with the other in mind. In other words, universal principles are studied and applied to the work of self-examination. Likewise, personal principles, learned from self-examination, are applied to the work of understanding the external world. Joined in this way, the outer illumines the inner and vice versa. A classic example is the work with the Four Elements outlined by Franz Bardon in his excellent book, Initiation Into Hermetics. Here, the Elements are explored and employed in two ways. One is external and involves certain meditational practices which lead to an experiential understanding of the Elements as universal forces. The second, concurrent way is internal, wherein the universal-Elements are used as an analytic structure, a template which guides the examination of the inner personality-self. This second usage correlates the universal- Elements with the personal-Elements at a very practical, experiential level. Throughout history, the essential process of Self-realization has been draped over a vast number of different philosophical structures, each one symbolizing a specific understanding of the universe. It is more the presence of structure, than the nature of the specific structure chosen, that determines success. Thus a Catholic is just as likely to achieve Self-realization as is a Buddhist or a Wiccan or a Qabbalist or an Aboriginal Shaman, to name just a small few of the many options manifest throughout the world. ebooks Alchemy and Mysticism, Taschen Verlag.pdf Bergrun - The Ringmakers of Saturn.pdf Blue Runa - Edred Thorsson.pdf Fire and Ice - The Brotherhood of Saturn.pdf Gundarsson - Elves, Wights and Trolls.pdf Helrunar - Jan Fries.pdf Runelore - A Handbook of Esoteric Runology by Edred Thorsson, 1987.pdf The Code to the Matrix.pdf The Eight Temples Meditation Project.pdf The Saturn Myth by David N Talbott, 1980.pdf videos (33 items): Becoming God on Earth What does that really mean How do we achieve that state.mp4 Exit The Job Matrix - How To Unplug from the System - Find your Perfect Career.mp4 EXIT THE MATRIX - First Step (Must Watch).mp4 EXIT THE MATRIX - The FIVE RULES of THE MATRIX - Ascension - Manifestation.mp4 EXIT The MATRIX in Three Steps Regain your DIVINE Power.mp4 EXIT THE MATRIX Part 2 (In Depth) BREAK THE CHAINS.mp4 EXIT The MATRIX Part Three (in depth) MUST WATCH.mp4 FREE Certification Teach Medicine Wheel Shamanism part 3 Thunder Wheel.mp4 How I Discovered The Shamanic Secret.mp4 Magickal Apprenticeship Course in Sun Wheel Mandala.mp4 Medicine Wheel Qigong Instructional DVD.mp4 Overcoming Unconscious Self - Sabotage - The Secret Commandment Book.mp4 Secrets of Shamanism - The World Tree - The Tree of Life.mp4 Shamanic Secret Commandment Book - JOY is NOT optional.mp4 Shamanic Secret Commandment To A Perfect Life Book - Intro.mp4 The Chakras and The Matrix - Explained in Detail - Can We Remove Chakras.mp4 The FIVE ELEMENTS Placed in the MEDICINE WHEEL Shamanism Magick.mp4 The Five Rules to MASTER THE MATRIX.mp4 The FIVE Steps to CONTROL THE MATRIX - Time Travel - Magic.mp4 The FIVE Tools to ESCAPE THE MATRIX - Knowledge is NOT Enough - Get The Power to be FREE.mp4 The Master Skeleton Key to Unlock the Secrets of Time and Space.mp4 The REPTILIAN MOON MATRIX - RAHU The Serpent Naga of REINCARNATION - Why do we Reincarnate.mp4 The SATURN MOON MATRIX - How Saturn Influences Your Mind and Programs Your Thought.mp4 Thor's Belt part 3 Megin Jord.mp4 Thor's Hammer part 2 Megin & Mott Combining the Powers of Heaven and Earth.mp4 Thor's Hammer part 4 Jarngreiper Iron Grippers.mp4 Thor's Hammer Thunor's Hammer part 1 Lore and Theory.mp4 Thunder Wizard Book - The Nine Worlds and the 8 Directions In Norse Mythology.mp4 Thunder Wizard Book Chapter 6 - Thor's Belt - Qigong in ancient Norse mythology.mp4 Web of THORINDRA Five Element Chakra Mantra - Healing, Powerful First time revealed.mp4 Why do bad things happen Why Does Evil exist Escape the Matrix.mp4 Witchcraft Spell of the Nine Knots - Anglo Saxon Shamanism.mp4 WYRD Magick - The Power to Change Past Trauma - The WYRDING WA.mp4 tags: matrix, ascension, manifestation, chakras, spiritual, occult, shamanism, meditation, yoga
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