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( Excellent )9-11 and the IMPOSSIBLE - An Online Journal of 9-11 [9/17/2004

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this pdf has huge amounts of information,lots of high definition pictures,this is probably one of the best 911 pdf's ive seen.also has links to great resources,check out the first VIDEO SYNOPSIS link

“When you eliminate the impossible, whatever remains – however improbable – must be
the truth!" - Doyle

The legacy of 9-11 is that America - and its Constitution - is far more threatened from the White House, than the caves of Afghanistan.
This site pleads for the preservation of the U.S. Constitution, the admirable American sense of justice and the proud traditional American way of life.
The harsh truth of 9-11 is that the "official version" just doesn't stand up, against even elementary scrutiny. Despite the "official" denials, there were overwhelming
warnings of suicide hijackers; but no warnings to the public or airline pilots. The selective maintenance of a badly outdated hijacking procedure set the operational stage fo
the "official" version 9-11.
A little bit at a time, America - and the world - is taking a step back to examine 9-11, 2001 for what is represented:
- Terrorism warnings without response.
- Terrorist investigations stopped from the White House.
- Hijackings without response.
- Hijackers without identity.
- Terrorists who never were.
- The known family of the acclaimed terrorist protected from the White House.
- An informed President who doesn’t react; later running from harm without reason.
- Named terrorists who are not pursued.
- Derelict leaders not reprimanded.
- Major crimes without investigation or prosecution.
- Terrorist resources protected by the White House.
- Criminals rewarded by D.C.