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The Event: What to Expect Before, During & After The Event (Cobra Resistance)

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For those who are looking for insight behind the dynamics going on behind the scenes of our current world events this book offers the following information.

The earth has been run by gangsters for many ages. Today they are known as the Cabal, Illuminati, and/or the New World Order.

They control our money supply, most of the food we eat, much of the water we drink, the types of fuel we burn, the way diseases get treated, our entertainment, our religions, our governments, our education systems, our space technologies, the stock markets, the media, and even the air we breathe. No one on the planet escapes their clutches.

They also control your DNA.

Their veils of secrecy are soon to be lifted, and all the gangsters will be given a chance to either surrender, or be arrested. This is a certainty.