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Eustace Mullins - The Magical Money Machine (3rd Bobby Lee Show interview)

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The Magical Money Machine: Secrets of the Federal Reserve (The Bobby Lee Show)

Did you ever wish that you had a money tree,or better yet a machine that could crank out billions of dollars for you any time you want or need? The International Banksters have a magical money machine they call the "Federal Reserve System". In America, this machine generates billions of dollars in interest for the stockholders of the Federal Reserve Branch of banks.

Every year, we unnecessarily give these international criminals billions of dollars for the privilege of borrowing their paper and credit. Which, by the way, is backed by nothing. So, it's not even really a gamble for them, because either way, they win and come out ahead. Eustace explains in this tape, based on his book, "Secrets of the Federal Reserve System", how this was instituted criminally by our Congress working for Great Britain. The Rothschilds are discussed at length and the financing of the war against America by the Crown.


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