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Esoteric Agenda 2 (2020)

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Esoteric Agenda 2
By Talismanic Idols Production

As the world has descended into the Coronavirus quarantine thanks to the novel COVID-19, 5G infrastructure is being rolled out at break neck speed, many have faulty beliefs around what 5G is and the future of advanced technology. In this film I explore vaccines and the debate around whether or not people should have a say in what gets injected into them. I leave it all with solutions and a view of the world as perfectly orchestrated for an ART revolution.

I raced to put this art piece together to meet you during quarantine. Don't believe a word of it. It's not meant to make you think what I think or believe what I believe. It's meant to inspire more critical thought and open a few hearts and minds to the solutions that are already present. With love and respect, I simply speak in the way I would address any authority attempting to impose more will. With firm love and Kapu Aloha, a sovereign being fears no recourse for speaking from the heart.

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IG: @BenStewartDahli


this is quite a "coincidence" - I was literally just uploading the first part... thanks! :)

I have not seen the first one, but this second one is all about the coronavirus and 5G. I assumed it would be more esoteric, but that's okay. There is no escaping this coronavirus these days...