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Escaping from Quantum Mind Control

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Escaping from Quantum Mind Control

by Sierra Peterson

Of all the conspiracy theories in circulation, probably the strangest are those surrounding the Montauk Project, a US military experiment in thought control and time travel. As the story goes, technologies for the project were originally developed during Wilhelm Reich’s experiments with weather modification. Reich had used a continuous wave oscillator to pulse a signal in order to convert electric energy to etheric energy. One of his discoveries was that a variation of its frequencies could produce dramatic effects, such as modulating brain waves, bringing rainstorms to a dry area or even creating a rift in the fabric of the space-time continuum. When Reich learned that the military intended to apply his findings in covert brainwashing experiments, he tried to shut down the project. Intelligence agencies responded by revoking his license to practice medicine, burning his books and imprisoning him in a Virginia penitentiary where he would eventually die of a remotely induced heart attack.


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