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Escape the Matrix with David Icke - Season 1, Episode 10 - Key to Freedom (2020)

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Key to Freedom
Escape the Matrix with David Icke
July 27, 2020 S1:Ep10

There is a way we can break free from the control over our world and we each hold this key to freedom deep within us. David Icke shares work from the HeartMath Institute to reveal that the power of the heart is our primary means to disconnect from the matrix and reclaim control over our lives. He explains that the heart connects us with a higher-level awareness, beyond human language. For many the world is a manifestation of the thinking, over-rationalizations of the brain. But when we give power to the heart, and let it govern the mind, we tap into a higher resource of knowing and a wisdom that can help us create a better world for all.

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