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Ericksonian Hypnosis seminar course with Stephen Paul Adler

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Not my torrent, but i thought it would be appreciated here.
Complete Ericksonian Hypnosis - Beginners course
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Genre: Hypnosis

Full course of Ericksonian hypnosis taught by Stephen Paul Adler in Brazil, this is the introductory course for beginners. There are 8 dvds where he teaches in English with simultaneous translation into Portuguese. The texts and subtitles DVDs are in Portuguese but all the content taught by the teacher are in English. The tone of voice, rhythm of speech and breathing, eyes and body posture can induce and maintain trance states, allowing the person to contact the hidden features of your personality. The differential of Ericksonian Hypnosis is the fact that the model does not clash with the beliefs and opinions of the patient and eliminates any possibility of resistance, since the patient is not obliged to accept suggestions.

• Become a more effective communicator;
• Use basic language to promote their own development and the people around you
• Learning to use your unconscious mind as one of its best features.
• Develop the use of self-hypnosis to facilitate their own growth and others.
• Develop strategies that enable them to acquire and incorporate new learning.
• Reduce stress and overcome physical and emotional.
• Learning to be focused and present, here and now.
• Develop best creativity.
• Harmonize body, mind and soul.
• Learn the language that speaks directly to the unconscious mind.

Issues addressed:
• History of hypnosis
• Induction bubble
• Distinction between classical hypnosis and Ericksonian
• Model of Hypnosis Induction Ericksonian
• Principles of hypnosis
• The relationship between hypnotic
• induction sand bucket
• Direct and Indirect Suggestion
• The nature of the trance
• Hand Levitation
• Self-Hypnosis
• The phrasing for inductions
• Interviews with customers
• Basic Hypnotic Inductions
• Safe Place
• Capabilities, strengthening "I", building resources
• Practice, practice and more practice ...