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Eric Jon Phelps The Jesuit Conspiracy pack

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Eric Jon Phelps The Jesuit Conspiracy pack

Maxims of the Jesuits:

1. There is but one Supreme Authority in the World, and that is the Pope.
2. God hath delivered over unto the Pope the Power and Rule of Heaven and Earth, therefore we must be obedient unto him upon pain of damnation.
3. All Right and Power are lodged in his Breast.
4. No Law can be made to bind Christians, but by the Pope’s Authority, as of old the Israelites received none but by Moses.
5. The Gospel would not be the Gospel, if the Pope had not approved of it.
6. The Pope can take away any man’s Right, and give it to another.
7. The Pope can do any thing, above all Right, against all Right and without all Right.
8. If Christ commands one thing, and the Pope another thing, the Pope is rather to be obeyed than Jesus Christ.
9. The Pope’s Decretory Letters are to be received and esteemed as Authentic as the Word of God or the Holy Scriptures.
10. It is Sacrilege to question the Pope’s Actions, and he is cursed of God who violates the Pope’s censures.
11. If the Pope affirm that to be black, which our Eyes judge to be white, we ought also then to declare, that it’s black, upon pain of our souls.
12. The Pope hath the sole Rule and Power of the whole World in Temporals as well as in Spirituals, and therefore can depose Emperors and Kings, and may dispose of their Dominions as he shall think convenient.
13. If the Pope shall depose a King and give his Kingdom to another, and the people will not receive him, the Pope may bring him in by force of Arms, because he is Judge of all and instead of God on Earth.
14. Not to believe that the Pope can depose Kings is [to be], and that deservedly, damned for Heresy.
15. Christ had not done wisely if he had not left the Pope power to depose Kings.
16. If a King be a Heretic or favourer of Heresy he may be deposed.
17. If the Pope shall declare a King to be a Heretic, he hath no right to his Kingdom, and the Pope may depose him.
18. The Pope can give the people liberty either to choose or take new Masters; by this means they keep all Kings and Princes in their Obedience and Submission to the Pope.
19. All Protestants are Heretics, and therefore they ought to be killed.
20. It is better and safer to make alliance and amity with Turks, Infidels, or Jews, than with Heretic Protestants, because they may draw us into the errors of their novelties.

comment: There is more information in this pack than you'll ever want to know. So far you've been scratching at the conspiratorial surface only. Compared to the Jesuits, the Masons seem to be saints. Learn who really killed JFK, this time for real. After Bill Cooper, Eric seems to be the next best thing. There are no taboos for him, he talks about corrupt Masonic judges, gold fringed flags in court rooms, chemtrails, the difference between the United States of America and the United States, being two totally different structures, he talks about the sovereignty of the states, about the connection between the roman catholic church and the coming antichrist, and the real reason behind many wars and revolutions. Many of your open questions will be answered. My previous documentary about the illuminati was disinformation by the way: There is a very strong connection between Adam Weishaupt and the Jesuits indeed. There's an almost endless amount of information in this torrent. Did you know that most intelligence agencies including the CIA, KGB, BND (german intelligence) and Mossad (!) receive their orders directly from the Jesuits? This is far out stuff. Are you ready for it, or are you still asleep?

Eric's book "Vatican Assassins" is not present in this torrent, because it has been banned on concen. Search and you shall find.

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