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Epstein research data and pedogate

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Contents of Twyman Distributable (data from killed researcher: -Archived Web Articles containes a lot of pages that have some info. It goes so far to how satanism (Luciferian doctrine) wants to disconnect humanity from god. Furthermore it contains information about anyone (in)directly connected to Jeffrey Epstein. -The books it has are regarding dark occult, mind control, etc -Furthermore it contains info about the Knights Templar itself as a secret society, including templar translations. -Also contains videos, about the Pedo Gate researchers (Tracy Twyman and Isaac Kappy. The reason to upload this file is to make censorship even harder. Thanks to any decentralized system, it becomes harder to censor. "The only NECESSARY thing for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing" -Edmund Burke

The information in these files contains anything connected to the Epstein scandal and pedogate. This includes indirect connections and how it went.

About the secret societies, the information is about how they influence society with their activities, i.e. pay to play, blackmail, lobbying, etc. For those who understand spirituality, never forget the dark force it's presence. This force is one that can be confronted only when acknowledged. Once you understand the law of attraction, you can apply it to their rituals in order to understand possible motives behind it. The young blood story also turns out to be true as it's used to extend life.

Those rituals even go so far to immoral and unjust practices like rape, sacrifice (murder), cannibalism, etc.

To take a further look, download the files and examine its contents.