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Energy from the Vacuum Part 22 - Bedini 16GT Monopole Motor Debut.avi

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Here is the eagerly awaited second DVD in the trilogy covering John Bedini's closing lecture as he debuts his 14 ft. high Monopole motor at the 2010 Winter Renaissance Charge Conference in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho.

For over an hour John takes the audience for a journey through free energy history to trace the technological genealogy that went into the making of this motor. And what a potpourri of influences it is, even covering such luminaries as Raymond Radus and Ed Leedskalnin, plus inventors you may not have even heard of.

For those that attended, here is the opportunity to refresh your memory as to what was presented and re-live the moment. And for those of you that didn't attend, here is your opportunity to hear the presentation from a front row seat, as the event was filmed with four cameras.


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