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Energy From The Vacuum 1-18 & much more

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Collection of mostly rare materials on Tom Bearden, John Bedini, Howard Johnson, John Hutchison, Fran De Aquino, Stanley Meyer, Veljko Milkovic, Walter Russell, and more.

Energy From The Vacuum series:
1. Tom Bearden
2. John Bedini
3. Dr. Deborah Chung - Negative Resistance
4. Howard Johnson - Magnetic Exchange
5. Hidden Electrodynamics
6. Inside Radient Energy
7. Tesla's Impulse Technology
8. Challenging the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics
9. Moray, Sweet and Antigravity
10. The Kromrey Converter
11. Magnetic Gates And Howard Johnson
12. Petrovoltaics And The Faraday Motor
13. Electrodynamics - Its Origins History And Struggles
14. Lockridge Device
15. Seeking Overunity
16. Equilibrium, Entropy & Energy Defining Moments
17. The Tape Drive Motor
18. Transmutation - Lifting the Veil

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Fran De Aquino - Gravity and Antigravity
Howard Johnson - Magnetism, Spintronics, Magnetic Gate
John Bedini - Bedini Motors
John Hutchison - Hutchison Effect, Crystal Power Cell
Stanley Meyer - Water Fuel Cell, Water Powered Car
Tom Bearden - Motionless Electromagnetic Generator (MEG) and much more
Veljko Milkovic - Two-step mechanical oscillations
Walter Russell - his knowledge of universe is so ahead of our current comprehension of nature that Nikola Tesla said this to him: "Bury your ideas in a vault for a thousand years to await the unfolding of human consciousness to comprehend your vision"

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I saw that someone already published Energy From The Vacuum 15-18 from this torrent on this site as separate files, but I want this collection to be unmodified because it has lots of extra material. I don't mind the other guy posting it though - I only care that this knowledge gets shared as much as possible :)

EDIT: Missing video - Energy From The Vacuum 11A - The Howard Johnson Lab Notes - can be found here: