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Enemies: A History of the FBI (2013)

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More than 70,000 pages of recently declassified documents about the history and practices of the FBI form the foundation of a new book by Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Tim Weiner, titled "Enemies: A History of the FBI." The book exposes how FBI directors, U.S. presidents and attorneys general have exercised their powers — both inside and outside the law — in the name of national security. Weiner explores how the FBI, since its formation over a century ago, has dealt with terrorists, spies and anyone else deemed subversive. He focuses in part on FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and argues, "Nobody who’s not president will ever have that kind of power again." Weiner notes presidents, from Franklin Delano Roosevelt to Richard Nixon, found Hoover invaluable. "Information is power. ... Hoover brought them secret information. That’s power squared," Weiner says.