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The End of Quantum Reality (2020)

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Almost one hundred years ago, the project to reduce the world to mathematical physics failed suddenly and completely: “One of the best-kept secrets of science,” physicist Nick Herbert writes, “is that physicists have lost their grip on reality.” The world, we are now told, emerges spontaneously, out of “nothing,” and constitutes a “multiverse,” where “anything that can happen will happen, and it will happen an infinite number of times.” Legendary reclusive genius Wolfgang Smith demonstrates on shockingly obvious grounds the dead end at which physics has arrived, and how we can “return, at last, to the real world.” "The End of Quantum Reality" introduces this extraordinary man to a contemporary audience which has, perhaps, never encountered a true philos-sophia, one as intimately at ease with the rigors of quantum physics as with the greatest schools of human wisdom.

* This torrent also includes two of Wolfgang Smith's ebooks in epub format:

The Quantum Engima: Finding the Hidden Key (3rd Edition)

Following the overthrow of the classical world picture by the findings of quantum mechanics, physicists have proposed a broad gamut of alternative world views. This book begins with the major recognition that each of these suffers from a certain 'residual Cartesianism' that has been smuggled in unconsciously. It turns out that the moment one discards this hidden and problematic premise, quantum theory begins to 'make sense' in a way that it never has before. As the author shows, it is now possible, for the first time, to integrate the findings of quantum physics into a world view that is neither forced nor ad hoc, but conforms to the permanent intuitions of mankind. Surprisingly, this treatise can be read not only by scientists, but also by readers unacquainted with the technical conceptions of physics or the quantum-reality literature.

Wolfgang Smith graduated from Cornell University at age eighteen with majors in physics, philosophy, and mathematics.After taking an M.S. in physics at Purdue he pursued research in aerodynamics, where his papers on diffusion fields have provided the theoretical key to the solution of the re-entry problem for space flight.After receiving a Ph.D. in mathematics from Columbia University, Dr. Smith held faculty positions at M.I.T, U.C.L.A., and Oregon State University, where he served as Professor of Mathematics until his retirement in 1992. In addition to numerous technical publications (relating to differential topology), Dr. Smith has published three previous books and many articles dealing with foundational and interdisciplinary problems. He has been especially concerned to unmask conceptions of a scientistic kind widely accepted today as scientific truths.

"Wolfgang Smith is as important a thinker as our times boast, and this is his most seminal book." -Huston Smith

"The Quantum Enigma is of great importance not only for the philosophy of science, but also for the whole domain of human knowledge, and should be disseminated as widely as possible." -Seyyed Hossein Nasr

"Unusually interesting . . . profoundly enlightening." -Henry Margenau

Physics and Vertical Causation: The End of Quantum Reality

Quietly, over the past few decades, mathematician, physicist, philosopher, and mountain climber Wolfgang Smith has published a stunning series of books at the cutting edge of science and metaphysics. Some titles tell the tale: Cosmos and Transcendence: Breaking Through the Barrier of Scientistic Belief; The Quantum Enigma: Finding the Hidden Key; Ancient Wisdom and Modern Misconceptions: A Critique of Contemporary Scientism; Science and Myth: With a Response to Stephen Hawking’s The Grand Design; and Rediscovering the Integral Cosmos: Physics, metaphysics, and Vertical Causality.

The present book, which appeared in an earlier version as Part I of the last-named, includes arresting new material on the metaphysics of the integral cosmos. Smith accomplishes a magnificent re-integration of the physical sciences into a worldview banished in the West since the Enlightenment yet perfectly accommodative of every legitimate discovery of science. So far from constituting a kind of academic, or nostalgic curiosity, however, that long-forgotten worldview proves to be precisely what is needed to resolve the quandary of the so-called quantum paradox, which has stymied theoretical physicists since the year 1927! The implications of this text, which re-evaluates Einstein’s relativism as well as epistemologies falsely based on the Galilean/Cartesian notion of “secondary qualities,” restores the ontological realism of the world as we behold it, and—perhaps most shockingly—restores geocentrism as well, in its profoundest sense. The epochal implications of Smith’s work will be brought to light for an expanded audience in a full-length documentary film on his life and thought, The End of Quantum Reality, scheduled for release in early 2019. “One has, in the evening of one’s life, the luxury to speak freely,” Smith writes, and as never before, so he does.


Thanks! This looks really interesting.

The guy on the cover kind of looks like the Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.

kanjanapinchote wrote:

The guy on the cover kind of looks like the Cigarette Smoking Man from X-Files.

he bloody does doesn't he?!?!