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The Empire Unmasked - Ryan Dawson (2017)

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Unfortunately 911 has a stigma built around it because of how asinine ‘conspiratainment’ has been promoted on such a big stage thanks to blow-hards like Alex Jones. Loose Change is even on Netflix. Their dogmatism does for 911 research what religious extremist do for religion. Their own followers are locked in but their behavior and insulated from contrary facts is off putting to everyone else.

So we not only have to debunk the government, we start in a position of extreme disadvantage because of these charlatans. We have to prove we aren’t crazy before the subject of 911 can even be approached.

War by Deception has stood basically solo as resistance to the total kookification of 911.

The greater crime of 911 has been the wars it has led to and the war of terrorism that now plagues some of the most ancient parts of the world. So many people have died. It is vital to understand how 911 was actually pulled off, how it was wrongly associated to innocent parties and by whom; how it has been covered up both by lies and disinformation, and the resulting rise of mercenaries proxy forces that intelligence agencies have created multi-nationally as a weapon to enforce western corporate hegemony, principally directed by Israeli interests.

We are often guilty of starting stories in the middle and overlooking important history. In my opinion there has been an over focus on the physical collapses of the buildings on 911 and very little attention to the larger picture. Historically all the major terrorist organizations and paramilitary factions have had a hand in glove relationship with intelligence agencies, and are largely financed by the sale illegal narcotics and other black markets that are intentionally allowed to thrive.

The Empire Unmasked will explain the event of 911 but also related events before and after that operation which will make what happened far less shocking or surprising. If we are going to change our course of Empire, it is essential, imperative, and absolutely vital that we destroy the psychosis of American exceptionalism.

Politics can not be fruitful from the perspective of cults. We can not understand or change what is happening if we do not or are not willing to acknowledge the crimes done in our name by a cabal, just because they throw the flag in out face or sloganeer about the bravery of our “boys” in the military.

The chicken Hawks must be exposed, The parasites routed out, and this do-gooder veneer, this mask hiding the empire must come off.

With that I hope you watch this film openly and also be patient for the core information on 911 as it is important to establish a good base of history for its own sake and also to establish credibility on a topic that has been viciously inundated with discrediting propaganda and misdirection.