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Ellerbe - The Dark Side of Christian History (1995).pdf

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The Dark Side of Christian History.
by: Helen Ellerbe. (1996)


Chapter 1: Seeds of Tyranny
Chapter 2: Political Maneuvering: Making Christianity Palatable
to the Romans
Chapter 3: Deciding Upon Doctrine: Sex, Free Will, Reincarnation
and the Use of Force
Chapter 4: The Church Takes Over: The Dark Ages
Chapter 5: The Church Fights Change: The Middle Ages
Chapter 6: Controlling the Human Spirit: The Inquisition and Slavery
Chapter 7: The Reformation: Converting the Populace
Chapter 8: The Witch Hunts: The End of Magic and Miracles
Chapter 9: Alienation From Nature
Chapter 10: A World Without God
Chapter 11: Conclusion