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Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps study pack

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PLEASE NOTE: Sorry guys for the trouble you had with the video file in my torrent. Let's call this one alternative 3. This video file is from a totally different source now. As a bonus for your trouble I've added two books by Deanna Spingola:

Deanna Spingola - The Ruling Elite A Study in Imperialism.pdf
Deanna Spingola - The Ruling Elite The Zionist Seizure of World Power.pdf

The untold story of Eisenhower's Rhine Meadows Death Camps (Rheinwiesenlager)
- A Deliberate Policy of Extermination of the Surrendered German forces by the Allies in post war Germany.

Full documentary, plus additional background information, and a memorial for the victims. A German language film, translated to English, re-edited, narrated, and published by Justice for Germans.

German bodies from summer 1945 were presented as Jewish bodies faking a murder of millions against Jews inventing a Holocaust - cc Auschwitz was an armament factory with moderate death rates - Wehrmacht was not participating in partisan warfare in eastern Europe - Jews had fled mostly to other places - mass murder after a war seems to be normal for "U.S.A." and GB (masonic empires). Around 1.5 million German soldiers died, were left to die, starved to death or were killed in those camps by command of General Eisenhower.

Part 1: The 'Rheinwiesenlager' - German language documentary translated into English, with additional information and interviews (50 minutes)

Part 2: Deanna Spingola reads a chapter from her book dealing with the subject of these camps and provides additional background information regarding the perpetrators and their policies (30 minutes).

Part 3: A Memorial March for the victims of these camps held in Remagen, Germany in 2011, also translated - narrated in English (10 minutes)

comment: If you want to know what may happen to you in their Fema death camps then watch this. See this as a sequel to the previous torrent "Adolf Hitler The Greatest Story NEVER Told (2013)". Forget about part 3, it's just a few foolish young German Neonazis who don't have a clue. In part 2, Deanna Spingola starts crying while reading, that's how horrible it is. It seems her Hollywood picture of the Allies in WW2 bursts like a bubble. Bear in mind that most of what the American and European people know about WW2 comes from Zionist Hollywood movies they have been watching, and the nonsense they have been taught by the mason-controlled public school system. That's why home schooling is so important and that's why the elite wants to eradicate it at all cost.

-includes ebooks in German and in English