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The Eight Major Chemtrail Types

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The Eight Major Chemtrail Types

The Eight Major Chemtrail Types

Posted at: 10:52, June 24, 2014 By Russ Tanner

Spraying chemicals and biological agents on U.S. citizens is legal in the United States, even if it causes permanent injury or death. Learn more about Public Law 105-85 and how it affects you.

Nearly any time you study a technical subject, you discover that the details are more complex than they initially appear. This certainly applies to chemical aerosols—”chemtrails”.

I work from home and have observed chemtrails since they first consistently appeared in the town that I lived in at the time—late 2005 in Jamestown, New York. My heightened senses coupled with my over-reactive body gave me insight that I will share in this article.

Probably the most significant observation I made about chemtrails from the very beginning is that there are several different types—that is—if you categorize them according to taste and smell. Each has it’s own unique flavor and odor yet most share some attributes. In this article I will itemize each chemtrail type that I have encountered providing specific information about each one.

Armed with a heightened sense of smell and taste, and discovering that I had severe physical reactions to the chemicals being sprayed, it became my involuntary assignment to learn everything I could about the—obviously artificial—materials in the air that were making my life daily torture.

I began tracking the different types of odors and tastes and the symptoms associated with each. I also measured the amount of time it took for the odors and tastes to occur after visible spraying took place (“particulate descent time“). Finally, I kept track of other anomalies clearly associated with the presence of the odors and tastes in the air, such as people’s moods, children’s behavior, atmospheric haze, faint but visible spherical apparitions (halos) that appeared around street lights at night, and many other things.

This collection of information is what I intend to share in this article.

The sections below list the various chemtrail types I have encountered categorized by flavor and odor.

Note that most of the time, more than one chemtrail type is sprayed at the same general time making it somewhat more difficult to distinguish their attributes. Nevertheless, by paying close attention over a period of time, it has become possible to isolate the attributes of each individual type.

Salty Metallic Type

This is the first chemtrail type that I encountered. For the first several months of spraying, it was virtually the only type used. Throughout the first 3 years of spraying (2005 – 2008), other chemtrail types were introduced, but the Salty-Metallic type remained a very commonly-used type, but was used much more often in the spring and summer. They began spraying daily on a predictable schedule while I was living in Jamestown, New York in 2005. I had a home-office window that looked out over Jamestown and provided a generous view of the sky, so when chemtrails began to be sprayed, I noticed immediately.

For the first few months, they began spraying each afternoon at 3 pm. They continued spraying heavily until 7 pm after which the jets all suddenly left the area. If the sky was clear, it became overcast by the time they were finished. It was blatantly obvious that the spraying caused the overcast sky. I watched them do this for months.

I call this type of chemtrail “Salty Metallic” because it has a salty taste followed by a distinct metallic aftertaste. This chemtrail type is one of the few that has virtually no odor and does not burn my sinuses.

From 2010 onward, this chemtrail type is sprayed less often than other types, but when it is used, it is almost always in spring and summer. It is now rarely used in fall and winter. It is sprayed particularly heavy on days that snow is melting. Perhaps I should say, snow melts much more on days that this chemtrail type is sprayed. Is it possible that the melting glaciers—which are often used as evidence to support the global warming swindle—are melting because they are being sprayed with the Salty Metallic chemtrail type?


Like most chemtrail types, this type was originally associated with long, persistent plumes but eventually became associated with short non-persistent plumes. Plume size really doesn’t matter. The content is the same. The plumes appear white, just like other chemtrail types.


Early geoengineering literature stated that sea water would be sprayed in the air to provide an easy and inexpensive way to avert global warming.

Since we know that global warming is a political myth (a lie promoted to achieve a political agenda) and we know that population control is one of the primary objectives of chemtrails, we can conclude that sea water would be effective for achieving their goals because the salt in sea water will ruin soils leading to a food crisis resulting in massive depopulation.

The Salty Metallic chemtrails indeed have a salty taste, but they also have a metallic taste that does not occur in sea water (I know what sea water tastes like because I swam in it for decades). My best guess is that this metal is barium because it produces stomach pain and immune system suppression which are both caused by barium exposure.

Health Effects

The “Salty Metallic” chemtrail has a potent drying effect. During the first several months of regular spraying, I woke up in the morning with eyes so dry that I could not open them. If I tried hard enough, my eyelids would suddenly come apart and scrape against my eye and cause pain that lasted for hours.

During this time I was forced to gently massage my closed eyes for a couple minutes after waking up to generate enough moisture to open them without pain.

If you read my chemtrail story, I explain that—during this time—there were extremely frequent commercials for dry eyes (and mold remediation) being played on all media. These commercials appeared in nearly every commercial break that I saw.

Personal Protection

Initially, “Salty Metallic” was the most common chemtrail type by far, and during this time I did a lot of experimentation to try and protect myself.

I first discovered that the symptoms and the taste of this chemtrail type are stopped by water. I discovered this by accident. When I was in the shower, the salty-metallic taste vanished and my symptoms disappeared within minutes. I spoke to a number of people who reported identical experiences.

Because it’s difficult to find a water-based air purifier that is affordable, I resorted to building my own. In concept, it was a small, portable shower that had air blowing through it. It worked pretty well at removing the Salty-Metallic chemtrail type from the air, but the downside is that it added a lot of humidity to the air.

I eventually tried wetting a washcloth and putting it over my nose and mouth and breathing through it. It worked very well and removed about 80% to 90% of the Salty-Metallic taste from the air.

To keep the washcloth over my face for long periods of time, I purchased a painters mask from Home Depot and put the wet washcloth between it and my face. I put a few drops of cinnamon oil and peppermint oil on the out-facing side of the wash cloth (the side not facing my skin) to kill bacteria, molds, and fungus, which have been widely reported to be a component of some chemtrail types.

I have been using a wet mask for years and found that it works very well for some chemtrail types. It is the single largest reason I’ve been able to function during spraying (which is all of the time now).

Iron/Aluminum Type

For the longest time I could not identify the taste of this chemtrail type, but finally it hit me. It tastes like water from a rusty pipe: Iron (sort of). There are other elements in the taste as well. For example, it also contains a blunt, metallic taste which I have now identified as aluminum.

I’m familiar with the taste of blood because, when I was mercury toxic, I used to grind my teeth so hard in my sleep (Bruxism) that I would wake up with blood in my mouth. I am familiar with the taste of aluminum from metal working shops and aluminum pans.

After my amalgam fillings were removed (in July of 2000), all of my issues vanished, most of them overnight. When chemtrails started in my town in November 2005, all of my mercury symptoms came back along with some other symptoms. The teeth-grinding (bruxism) also returned so much so that I damaged 2 teeth and developed an abscess in each tooth. I used clove oil to kill the pain immediately and cashews to kill the bacteria at the base of the abscess (The cashews killed the infection and eliminated the swelling in 24 hours.). I now have no more inflammation and have developed sleeping techniques to keep the teeth-grinding to a minimum. I have suffered through all of this because of chemtrails.

There has been much talk and some evidence presented that found human red blood cells in chemtrails (Red blood cells are red because of the iron oxide they contain. Iron oxide is rust.) along with enzymes used in DNA splicing. I have not looked into this enough to judge its validity, but it is interesting that this chemtrail type tastes like blood.

Based on numerous rainwater tests over long periods of time, it has become obvious that aluminum is the most common and abundant chemtrail toxin, therefore it should not surprise us that this chemtrail type is the single most commonly sprayed type.

This chemtrail type is usually sprayed 12 to 24 hours before rain is forecast for any given area. Since this chemtrail type causes inflammation and joint pain (among other things), is it possible that people with arthritis who “sense” incoming storms by increased joint pain are experiencing chemtrail-induced inflammation? The cover story for years has been that arthritic joint pain is induced by low pressure systems, and that this is the reason people with arthritis have this type of pain hours before storms move in. I think it’s much more likely that this increase in pain is due to pre-storm chemtrailing.

This chemtrail type has virtually no odor but does cause my sinuses to burn and become swollen. This has allowed me to get some sleep during this type of spray by breathing through my nose as much as possible, so long as it’s not swollen completely shut (which it often is).

The Iron/Aluminum type chemtrail is often sprayed together with the Acetone type chemtrail. This mixture increases the resulting symptoms dramatically.


This chemtrail type appears like most others and includes both short, non-persistent plumes and long, persistent plumes.


As mentioned above, this chemtrail type may contain iron and aluminum (based on taste). As mentioned below, it may also contain barium (based on the context in which it is sprayed, namely pre-storm).

Health Effects

This chemtrail type causes a variety of symptoms in me including inflammation leading to joint and muscle pain, heart inflammation and pain, headaches, fatigue, sharp joint pain and spasms, cracking joints, brain fog, eye mucus, stiff muscles, and more.

This chemtrail type also causes severe and sudden immune suppression. Barium also causes dramatic immune suppression so perhaps this chemtrail type contains barium. The drying effect of this chemtrail type also suggests to the presence of barium salts, and may also explain why it is usually sprayed before storms approach.

Personal Protection

The Iron/Aluminum type chemtrail can be mostly blocked using a standard wet mask.

I use a double layer of washcloths—2 washcloths folded twice for a total of 8 layers of cloth. If spraying is heavy, the wet mask will have to be rotated every 10 to 15 minutes because it rapidly becomes saturated. Once it’s saturated, it no longer blocks the taste. Rotating the cloth allows you to breath through a part that has not yet been used. This extends the life of my arsenal of washcloths.

A fresh washcloth will block about 80% of the taste of the Iron type chemtrail and will ease symptoms about 30% to 50%. Clearly, the symptoms caused are not linearly proportional to the intensity of the taste. I have found that wetting the outer washcloth with salt water helps block the taste of this chemtrail—and the resulting symptoms—a little more effectively. You probably don’t want to use salt water on the washcloth that is against your skin because it can dry out or irritate your skin.

Drywall Dust Type

The Drywall Dust type is so-named because its taste is similar to drywall dust, which is the aluminum-laced dust that accumulates in the air in a room where drywall is being cut and hung. The core part of drywall contains aluminum.

This type of chemical aerosol has a very mild “pasty” taste that some non-sensitive people seem to be able to detect. This type has virtually no odor. It does, however, create the sensation of being in a dusty room. I can feel this sensation on my tongue, in my throat, and in my sinuses. After just a few minutes of breathing this type, I notice that my mouth and nose become dry.


As with most chemtrail types, Drywall Dust chemtrails occur with both long, persistent chemtrails or short, non-persistent chemtrails. They are light and seem to be extremely reflective.


Drywall contains much aluminum. This chemtrail type may also contain aluminum, although its “pasty” consistency may indicate that something else is present as well.

Health Effects

The predominant health effects of this chemtrail type are eye mucus and inflammation. Overall, it produces less severe health effects unless it is extremely heavy. On these occasions, it causes inflammation in my heart and difficulty breathing. I have often awoken to heavy Drywall Dust chemtrails and found myself almost gasping for breath and my heart beating very fast and in a lot of pain.

Personal Protection

A wet mask is fairly effective against this chemtrail type. My symptoms subside dramatically when using a wet mask when only this type of chemtrail is present.

Not surprisingly, my wet mask dries out rapidly when this type of chemtrail is present in the air, but it can be quickly rinsed out, rewetted and used again.

Acetone Type

Acetone has a very identifiable odor that most people may recognize as nail polish remover. Acetone vapors in the air have a tongue-sensation like menthol or eucalyptus but the taste is much more chemical-like.

I call this chemtrail type “Acetone” because that’s what it smells and tastes like to me. I am not certain that this chemtrail type contains acetone, but it is interesting that much research has been done in previous decades by the U.S. government relating to the movement and transport of acetone in the atmosphere.

The Acetone chemtrail type is commonly sprayed together with the “Iron” type as well as other types. By mid 2012, the Acetone type was present in the air almost constantly, and although it’s commonly mixed with other types, it has become the most frequently sprayed type.


The large white or magenta or yellow or orange halos that appear around the sun only occur when the Acetone type chemtrail is in the air. This is also true of the “multiple-sun” illusions that have been witnessed in many countries and seen in many YouTube videos.

In recent years there has been a dramatic increase in the use of the Acetone chemtrail type. Consequently, many more people are seeing the “Oil Slick in the Sky” phenomenon which is also associated with this chemtrail type.

The Acetone chemtrail type also causes the magenta-yellow-orange halos around street lights. When spraying is heavy enough, you can see that these halos actually look like three-dimensional spheres. In movies made since 2005, you can see the magenta halos around lights, especially when they are aimed directly into the camera. Earlier movies do not exhibit this artifact.

Interestingly, mercury’s color is deep-red or magenta. It’s raw oar, cinnabar, is a red coloring used in some red tattoos, lipstick, and dentures.

Early on, the Acetone chemtrail type was often sprayed alone and at night. During this time, I would see very pronounced magenta-yellow-orange halos around streetlights. It was quite surreal because the tri-color halos appeared to be three-dimensional and were so apparent that I wondered why everyone was not talking about them.

After a few years of observing this chemtrail type at night, they began combining it with another type that causes a white haze to appear around streetlights. This haze dramatically obscures the tri-color halos. I often suspected that they heard some chatter in phone conversations about the halos and realized that they had to obscure them. This mixture of the Acetone type with another type continues to this day, and as a result, I have never again seen the three-dimensional spherical halos without the bright, white haze obscuring it.


Based on health effects, I strongly believe that the Acetone chemtrail type contains mercury. Having studied mercury for several years, I know that mercury causes many unique and destructive chemical reactions in the body, and these reactions are tied to this chemtrail type.

Health Effects

The Acetone chemtrail type causes a set of symptoms that are identical to mercury poisoning. Mercury affects every body system and causes numerous symptoms, as does the Acetone chemtrail type.

Mercury sharply raises DHT levels in the body, and for people with high testosterone (like me), this results in a sudden outbreak of oily skin. When an Acetone chemtrail plume descends on us (I know this because I begin to smell and taste it), within minutes my skin becomes oily. This is a unique signature of mercury toxicity.

Long term elevated DHT leads to hair loss (balding), excessive hair growth on women, and behavioral changes, such as short temper, critical nature, anxiety, and much more. Do you know anyone who began to experience these symptoms since 2005?

Mercury binds to iodine. Once bound, this iodine is no longer available to the thyroid which causes your thyroid to become iodine-starved. Mercury also interferes with—and prevents—the conversion of T4 (thyroxin) thyroid hormone into T3 (triiodothyronine). Mercury also blocks the action of TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone). All of these thyroid-blocking effects of mercury result in low energy, depression, weight gain, changes in vision, social withdraw, tiredness, lack of focus, looping thoughts/songs, and and literally dozens of other health issues and behavioral changes. The Acetone chemtrail type induces all of these symptoms.

Mercury acts as an excitotoxin in the cells in the ears that convert the movement of sound waves into electrical signals (“inner hair cells” and “outer hair cells). (This probably occurs because mercury interferes with GABA production and utilization.) These cells produce small electrical signals that are sent to the brain and are experienced as sound. When these cells are artificially excited by mercury, you may experience ringing in the ears (tinnitus). Covering your ears has no effect on this sound because it is not coming from the air, but rather the cells are being induced to generate this sound directly. This symptom is yet another unique signature of mercury poisoning that occurs when the Acetone chemtrail type is sprayed.

Mercury causes magnesium deficiency, and magnesium deficiency causes constipation, headaches, tight muscles, and low energy. These symptoms occur in the presence of the Acetone chemtrail type which is yet another unique indicator that the acetone chemtrail type contains mercury.

Mercury causes literally hundreds of symptoms as does the Acetone chemtrail type. The symptoms may vary from one person to another because of genetics. Nevertheless, because these symptoms occur in the presence of the Acetone chemtrail type, we can hypothesize that this chemtrail type contains mercury.

Because documenting this correlation between mercury symptoms and the Acetone chemtrail type could take hours, I have provided a comprehensive list of mercury-related chemtrail symptoms in my chemtrail story on the Ailments page.

Update 5/23/2014: Causes Morgellon’s Like Symptoms: Itching

The “Acetone” chemtrail type has been found to cause a dramatic increasing in the itching that occurs in certain persons who may have unpresented (not yet showing symptoms) Morgellon’s disease. When the taste and odor of this type of chemtrail was in the air, subdermal (under the skin (itching increases dramatically in some people.

Personal Protection

A plain-water wet mask is only partially effective against the Acetone chemtrail type. It can help ease symptoms for a short time but the mask quickly becomes saturated and must be changed.

I have found that oral DMSA does help to somewhat reduce symptoms of this chemtrail type, and this makes sense because DMSA chelates (absorbs) mercury in the blood. This is yet another indicator that the Acetone chemtrail type contains mercury.

Swamp Water Type

This is one of the most significant chemtrail types because:

It causes sore throats and general flu-like symptoms in people
It was the first continuous high-altitude chemtrail

This chemtrail type first made its appearance in our area in April, 2010. I determined it was sprayed at high-altitudes for 2 reasons:

1. It was the first chemtrail type that I ever experienced that had a “soft” edge resolution, meaning that its odor and taste fade in and out gradually over time as opposed to all previous chemtrail types which generally come to full strength within minutes and fade to mild levels in about 45 minutes. Graphed over time, most chemtrail intensities look like a sawtooth wave (_|\_|\_|\_)whereas this chemtrail type is much more like a sign wave which fades in and out over a period of hours instead of minutes. To learn more about “edge resolution” see this article: Plumes Change Overnight.

2. At the same time this chemtrail type appeared, the daily sky-saturating barrage of chemtrails that had continued in our area for 12 solid months suddenly stopped. Before this type began, chemtrails were sprayed heavily every single day to the point that the sky was made overcast. Immediately after this chemtrail type began, we only had visible, persistent chemtrails about 7 days out of the month. This was a sudden and dramatic change that is also documented in the article Plumes Change Overnight.

I confirmed the high-altitude hypothesis when I flew to Florida and back in May 2010. On these flights I tasted this chemtrail type in the cabin of the jet exclusively and continuously. No other types were detectable. I saw numerous jets spraying at about 1,000 to 2,000 feet above us throughout the flight. We were flying at 32,000 feet.

When the taste and odor this chemtrail type appears, my throat and sinuses burn the same way they do when I’m about to get sick. Also, many people in our area begin to feel the same way. Despite the fact that they cannot physically smell or taste this chemtrail type, they do experience the sore throats, burning sinuses, and teary eyes when this chemtrail occurs. When it is sprayed for a few days in a row, local people become sick with colds and flu-like symptoms. This chemtrail type obviously contains some kind illness-causing bacteria or virus.

For me personally, this chemtrail type causes a sore throat and burning sinuses. When the intensity is strong enough, this type will cause stomach pain. Every single time I have been awakened to this chemtrail type, my throat was sore, and this soreness would subside as the plume dissipated. This pattern has been 100% consistent since this chemtriail type first appeared in 2010.


Because this chemtrail type is sprayed at high altitudes, it is not visible from the ground, however, having observed it from the air just 1 month after it began, I can say that it is semi-persistent but otherwise looks just like other chemtrail types.


Because of my nasal-sensitivites to virus and bacteria (documented in this story), I firmly believe that this type of chemtrail contains biological materials, like bacteria or virus. There are only two instances when my sinuses experience this specific type of “burn”:

1. When I smell the breath of someone who is about to get sick, and

2. When this chemtrail type is sprayed.

Health Effects

As mentioned above, this chemtrail type causes illnesses in people that are identical to a cold and the flu. If it is sprayed for 3 days in a row, many local people get sick. After 5 to 7 days of spraying this type, Pediatrician’s offices are typically backed up for weeks.

The taste/scent of this chemtrail type is more mild than other types, but that may be because it is sprayed at high altitudes. More recently, we have experienced a number of occasions when it has been sprayed at low altitudes (judging by edge resolution and cycle time) and found that it causes a sensation in the sinuses similar to getting water up your nose, particularly lake water.

Personal Protection

Because I have an immediate reaction to this chemtrail type that is identical to getting a cold or the flu, I quickly put on a wet mask when this chemtrail type occurs. I douse the wet mask with essential oils that are known to kill bacteria and destroy viruses. I use both Peppermint Oil and and Cinnamon Oil at the same time. I also take a supplement called Immune Stimulator which is absolutely amazing at strengthening my immune system.

Additional Information

The following article appeared in the July 2013 issue of Popular Science. It is clearly an effort to explain away yet another artifact of toxic biological spraying on the public.
December 2013 Update: Mercury Symptoms

In December 2013, the northeastern United States was hit with a series of ice storms which caused power outages in many areas. My power was out for about 5 days during these storms.

During this time, we were sprayed more heavily than ever before, and the type we were sprayed with was the “Swamp Water” chemtrail type. Consequently, we are now experiencing widespread flu outbreaks across the U.S., many of these include the H1N1 virus.

As of this update (today is January 13, 2014), this intense spraying continues as people continue to get sick with flu symptoms and other related ailments.

But there’s more.

Previously, there were 2 chemtrail types that caused symptoms specific to mercury toxicity, but since this attack started in December, this chemtrail type now also causes symptoms of mercury toxicity. Is mercury being added into this chemtrail type? I believe it is.

Mercury causes 200 of the most common symptoms/diseases in the world today. It is the cash cow of the pharmaceutical industry. In fact, mercury is likely the single largest cause of disease in the world today. Mercury is also a powerful immune suppressant, and this may be the reason it is being sprayed along with the biologics in the Swamp Water chemtrail type. I should also mention that aluminum and barium are also immune suppressants.

I added this update as a result of the massive outbreaks of “winter symptoms” spreading across the United States right now. I for one believe this outbreak is not a natural event, but rather an engineered disaster designed to create profit for the pharmaceutical industry and to create excuses for declared states of emergency as well. The declaration of emergency powers will facilitate a massive power grab and may be the precursor to mandatory vaccinations, which will be the final step before massive disease outbreaks and the roundup of individuals who refuse to comply.

Get ready. All this is real and the masses have brought it upon themselves by refusing to become involved in the all-important process of maintaining a proper, moral government.

Pharmaceutical Type

In this area, this chemtrail type is one of the newer types. It has a taste very similar to sleeping pills; a very bitter, chalky taste that has a unique set of symptoms associated with it. It has virtually no odor but causes a “cold-and-dry” sensation in my sinuses.

This type is often sprayed for several days/nights in a row but only during part of the day/night, and usually during the same part of the day or night (on a schedule). After a week or two, this type will not occur again for a 10 to 20 days (roughly).

As I edit this (June 30th 2012), this chemtrail type has not made an appearance for at least 3 months. It may be a type that will be used more often in the winter, but we’ll have to wait to see what the future brings. I’ll update this article as information becomes available.

It is possible that this chemtrail type is now combined with the Acetone type because the Acetone type now, sometimes, induces the same symptoms that were previously only identified with this type.


This chemtrail type is usually associated with short, non-persistent chemtrails, but was also associated with long, persistent chemtrails before the plumes all changed.


Because of the health effect this chemtrail causes, I believe it contains some kind of relaxant that induces lethargy, weak heart beat, and narcoleptic symptoms.

Health Effects

This chemtrail type is unique not only in its scheduling (as mentioned above), but it is the only chemtrail type that induce narcoleptic symptoms in me. When it is sprayed heavily, I actually will have my head bob down as if I’m falling asleep.

I have seen numerous articles suddenly appear over the past couple years about the dramatic rise in narcolepsy. Mainstream media says that this is often associated with the flu shot, so perhaps they are spraying an ingredient in this chemtrail type as they are also using in the flu shot, or perhaps the flu shot story is just a cover for chemtrail symptoms.

This chemtrail type also causes me to have dramatic inflammation and heart pain. Inflammation occurs in my sinuses, joints and muscles, and in my heart.

This type also makes it very hard to do mental work. I often find myself staring at my computer screen daydreaming when this type of chemtrail is in the air.

This type causes Laura—a person with overall “normal” sensitivity—to feel very tired, sleepy, and also unable to focus.

Personal Protection

The most threatening health issue this chemtrail type causes for me is heart inflammation, so I take a powerful herbal anti-inflammatory called “IF-C” (stands for “Inflammation-Chinese”). I will take 6 to 10 capsules when this occurs.

(Added June 30th 2012) I recently found 2 products that work even better than IF-C does.

Relief Formula does a remarkable job of reducing inflammation and therefore reducing pain and heart issues. I take 6 to 8 capsules at a time.

APS-II does an excellent job of reducing pain caused by blood fat after a meal. When you eat meat or something containing fat, your red blood cells tend to stick together making it harder for them to pass through capillaries. When combined with inflammation, blood thickening can be dangerous. APS-II helps to thin the blood and reduce the resulting pain. I take 6 to 8 capsules at a time.

(End of June 30th 2012 addition)

This chemtrail type also causes massive inflammation in my muscles and joints. I have found that the enzyme Bromelain (found in pineapples) helps quite a bit with the resulting joint pain. I have to take 3-to-4 times the recommended dosage to get relief, but it helps.

I have found that the herb Feverfew offers some help with the drowsiness that this chemtrail type induces. Feverfew also helps tremendously with the migraines induced by other chemtrail types.

Sulfur Type

The odor of the Sulfur type chemtrail can be detected by more people than any other type except the Pesticide type (The Pesticide type is no longer sprayed so far as we know). I have received many reports from people smelling a sulfur odor or an egg-like odor or a sewage-like odor in the outside air during chemtrail spray events. The frequency of these reports decreased after 2011, but they still continue to come in.

Sulfur—specifically sulfur hexafluoride—has been proposed to be used in massive, global geoengineering projects for years now. This dangerous and harmful activity of spraying sulfur compounds into the air (“geoengineering”) was attempted to be legitimized by global warming fear mongers like Al Gore, at a huge profit of course.

The appearance of this chemtrail type has decreased since 2011. I believe it’s because so many people can smell it, and those spraying us don’t want that kind of exposure. I have often complained to my friends, “If only people could smell and taste the air like I do, chemtrails would have been stopped years ago!”


The sulfur type chemtrails seem to look identical to other types. They can be long and persistent, or short and non-persistent.

One interesting pattern that I have observed is that this chemtrail type is sprayed more often at night than during the day. Nevertheless, the frequency of this chemtrail type has decreased over the past couple years.

During part of 2011, the sulfur chemtrail type was sprayed just after sunset on a daily schedule for months. Then one day it suddenly stopped and was replaced by another type.


As mentioned earlier, the sulfur chemtrail type may contain sulfur hexafluoride because this is mentioned in official geoengineering documents, however, we really don’t know for sure exactly what form of sulfur is being sprayed.

Health Effects

Besides being toxic to humans, sulfur hexafluoride has been reported to starve the heart of oxygen leading to heart muscle death and a host of other long-term heart issues.

For me, the sulfur type chemtrail causes headaches, fatigue, joint and muscle pain, stiff muscles, sinus pain, and other symptoms that are similar to mercury toxicity. Some of these mercury-like symptoms may be induced by latent mercury in the body (which everyone has) which can be mobilized by sulfur and redistributed in the body.

Personal Protection

A wet mask reduces the odor and taste of the sulfur chemtrail type about 80%. It reduces symptoms about the same amount.

I have found that taking anti-inflammatory herbs, such as IF-C or Nerve Eight (6 to 8 capsules), helps me with the joint and muscle pain. Taking about 8 capsules of Feverfew has helped considerably with associated headaches.

Blunt Metallic

This has become one of the most commonly-sprayed chemtrail types. It also causes some of the most severe symptoms.

The Blunt Metallic has no preference for day or night but is typically sprayed on a schedule which is altered every 3 to 4 months.

This chemtrail type is almost always sprayed shortly before and during rain or snow, and often in combination with the Drywall Dust type. More often than not, this chemtrail type is also sprayed in combination with the Acetone type.

For years now we’ve watched forecasts predict rain. The clouds came but if this—and/or the Drywall Dust—chemtrail type was sprayed, the clouds drop little or no rain or snow. This winter (2011-2012) saw an abundance of this chemtrail type and consequently saw extremely light snowfall.

This is one of the few chemtrail types that cause symptoms identical to—and specific to—mercury toxicity, so we can make an educated guess that this chemtrail type contains mercury. It may very well contain other metals as well, but the extreme and rapid onset of mercury-specific symptoms tell us that mercury may be one of the components.

It’s also possible that this chemtrail type contains aluminum. In some people with latent mercury in body tissue from previous toxicity, aluminum, when combined with mercury, increases in toxicity many times (perhaps 100-times according to Dr. Haley). So it is possible that this chemtrail type does not contain mercury but only activates latent mercury thereby inducing mercury-toxicity symptoms.

Although I don’t know what mercury tastes like, the blunt metallic taste of this chemtrail type strongly suggests that it is metallic in nature.
Health Effects

Please note that all of these symptoms related to mercury also apply to the Acetone chemtrail type.

This chemtrail type causes inflammation in more sensitive persons (like me). This inflammation manifests differently in different people. As for me, my nose becomes almost completely closed off (from the inflammation), my joints hurt horribly (another symptom of inflammation), and muscles become tight—a symptom of mercury blocking magnesium utilization in the body.

This chemtrail type also causes a set of symptoms that are closely-associated with mercury toxicity. In persons with high testosterone (like me), this chemtrail type induces rapidly-forming oil on the skin, especially on the face. This type of facial-oil production is a hallmark of mercury toxicity resulting from a rise in DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) which is induced by mercury. This facial-oil production (as well as a host of other mercury-related symptoms) is accelerated even more when a high-testosterone person ingests sugar, caffeine, or certain wheat products. This symptom alone is a strong indication of the presence of either mercury or aluminum in this chemtrail type.

Because mercury blocks the body from utilizing magnesium, several symptoms may occur which are typically associated with magnesium deficiency, such as constipation, tight muscles, headaches/migraines, and fatigue (low ATP production).

Another classic indication of the presence of mercury (or aluminum as a mercury activator) is ringing in the ears (tinnitus). This symptom is always associated with this chemtrail type as well as a few others. The intensity of the ringing is always directly proportional to the intensity of this chemtrail taste in the air. When this chemtrail type clears from the air, the ringing stops within about 30 minutes. When this chemtrail type occurs (based on the taste in the air), the ringing will begin in about 10 minutes.

Another classic symptom that indicates the presence of mercury in this chemtrail type is body-heat regulation issues. Mercury interferes with several thyroid-related mechanisms. For example, it blocks TSH (Thyroid-stimulating hormone) and it binds to—and renders useless—iodine, starving the thyroid of its essential nutrient. When this occurs, some people feel cold while others feel hot.

This chemtrail type also causes about 15 other physical symptoms that are all identified as being related to mercury toxicity, providing even more evidence for the presence of mercury. Some of these symptoms include eye mucus (when the chemtrail intensity is high enough), accelerated heart beat, elevated blood pressure, fatigue, depression, spinning/looping thoughts, bloating, shortness of temper, inability to focus, hindered memory, and much more.

I have experimented many times by taking a mercury chelator (DMSA) when this type of chemtrail becomes detectable in the air. I found that the chelator reduced several of my mercury symptoms within minutes. This indicates two things. First, it indicates the presence of mercury, and second, it indicates that mercury is in the blood. This is significant because mercury is cleared from the blood in 15 to 45 minutes after an exposure, so if mercury is present in the blood, this means that there has been a very recent exposure (within 15 to 45 minutes), and this, of course, means that this chemtrail type must contain mercury and that these increased mercury symptoms are not due simply to an increase in aluminum exposure.

When you consider the following facts, we have strong anecdotal and symptomatic evidence of the presence of mercury in the Blunt Metallic chemtrail type:

Well-known mercury symptoms occur in the presence of—and in proportion to—the taste of this chemtrail type in the air.
The rise in mercury-soils levels across the United States coincide with the increased appearance of chemtrails. This was initially blamed on Chinese power plants, but this theory—spread by mainstream media—has now been debunked by the California Air Quality Resources Board. We know that this massive amount of mercury over vast areas is not caused by Chinese power plants.
The decrease in mercury symptoms when taking a mercury chelator, in this case, DMSA.

Personal Protection

A standard wet mask does a good job of removing 80% or more of the metal taste from the air. It also helps decrease symptoms somewhat. When the Blunt Metallic chemtrail type is strong in the air, my wet mask will only last 10 to 20 minutes before becoming saturated. (By saturated, I mean that it stops removing the metal taste from the air.) At this point, I simply replace the wash cloths. It’s also possible to rotate the washcloths 180 degrees if there is enough unsaturated material.

As mentioned above, DMSA helps mitigate some of the mercury symptoms when this chemtrail type is present in the air.

Because I believe this chemtrail type contains mercury, I am on a mercury detox protocol and take protective supplements that block mercury-induced oxidative damage, such as Vitamin E (with Selenium) and Vitamin C. I also take Algin which helps reduce mercury reabsorption into the body while being eliminated by the colon.

I also use the following anti-inflammatory herbs when the Blunt Metallic chemtrail type is intense enough to make my heart hurt:

Relief Formula

This chemtrail type causes extensive joint pain in me. I am able to mitigate about 30% to 75% of this pain by taking an enzyme called Bromelain (also found in pineapple).

Inflammation is greatly increased in the presence of sugar, so keeping sugar intake down is vital. I also help balance blood sugar and remove excess sugar by taking GTF Chromium (2 tablets per day). I have found that this type of chromium also reduces sugar cravings 80% to 100%. It’s really quite remarkable. Chromium picolinate does nothing to help in this regard. Only the GTF type of chromium works for me.

Metallic Chemical

As I write this (June 30th, 2012), I have to report the newest chemtrail type. This type was only spayed heavily for about 2 weeks in early June, 2012. It caused such intense health symptoms that I thought I was going to have a stroke.

After this initial 2 weeks, spraying of this type has virtually stopped, and I am thankful because I can only imagine how many people have been injured or died as a result.

Update July 25, 2012: The break mentioned in the previous paragraph was short-lived. In our area, this chemtrail type is now being combined with other types and sprayed in a lower concentration. The symptoms are the same but not quite as severe. I have no doubt that this chemtrail type will cause (or has caused) heart attacks, strokes, and aneurysms in people. I believe other long-existing chemtrail types can cause these health problems as well, but this type is particularly effective at spiking blood pressure, probably through an inflammatory process that includes the heart.

Update September 1, 2013: “Variant A”: For the past few months, a new chemtrail type has been sprayed that is a variant of the “Metallic Chemical” type. This new variant smells and taste just like the previous Metallic Chemical type except that it has a much stronger metallic component to the taste. This metallic taste is somewhat similar to copper, but not exactly. This new variant is significantly more lethal than the previous type. It causes much more inflammation, and this inflammation is concentrated in the heart. As I predicted previously, as more people are killed by the spraying, they will implement more potent types to target stronger (higher glutathione) persons.


I have no idea what this chemtrail type contains, but it tastes like a combination of a metal and some strong chemical along with some pharmaceutical drug (like a sleeping pill). It may have a petroleum component to it. The metal taste resembles copper.

Health Effects

This chemtrail type causes me to fear for my life. It causes my blood pressure to rise so much that my veins stick out on my arms as if a was a body builder. My heart hurts horribly and I get chronic pain down both arms and behind my shoulder blades (these are signs of an impending heart attack). My arms feel as if they are water balloons filled with pressure. My heart feels like it’s struggling to beat. Finally, after about 20 minutes, my head and ears begin to heat up leaving me in a very bizarre state of health.

All of these symptoms begin to occur 2 to 5 minutes before I am able to smell or taste this chemtrail type. The taste is somewhat subtle but quite bad.

One day in early-mid June I was in Bangor (Maine) when they started spraying this type of chemtrail. At this time, I saw 2 ambulances within the space of an hour. This is the first time I’ve ever seen 2 ambulances that close together since I’ve lived here (I moved here in 2008).

Personal Protection

The key to surviving this chemtrail type seems to be eliminating inflammation and thinning the blood. I use Relief Formula to stop inflammation with pretty good results (6 to 8 capsules) and I use APS-II to thin my blood and lower inflammation.

Update September 1 2013: I also use (in combination with the previously-mentioned herbs) about 8 capsules of an herbal formula called IF-C to help combat the inflammation caused by the new “Variant A” version of this chemical aerosol.

A wet mask only reduces the effects of this chemtrail type by about 25%. I consider this the most dangerous chemtrail type of all.

Update April 13, 2013: I recently realized that I can achieve much better protection from this chemtrail type by using a dry wet-mask. Because this chemtrail type seems to have an oil-base to it, it is not attracted to water, which is probably why the normal water-based wet mask didn’t filter it very well. Now, with the same configuration as a wet mask (2 folded wash clothes) I am achieving a removal rate of 75% to 85% using dry wash clothes instead of wet once, and this is extremely helpful against this very dangerous chemtrail type.

Pesticide Type

This chemtrail type causes the odor of pesticides in the air over a large area.

This pesticide odor suddenly appeared over entire towns or cities in 2005, shortly after widespread chemtrail funding had just begun. Many people were able to smell this and reported it online. As a result of this widespread exposure, this type was quickly abandon.

I personally experienced the “Pesticide” chemtrail type perhaps 10 times in Jamestown, New York in 2005. On at least 3 occasions, I drove up to an hour away from my house during spraying and was able to smell the pesticide odor up to about 50 miles away.

People can expect to smell pesticides occasionally when a neighbor sprays their lawns or has their house sprayed for pests, but odors from a typical house spraying will not be detected 50 miles away. We can only conclude that these events came from the air and and that chemicals were dispersed over a very large area.

I believe this is one of the real reasons for widespread warrantless wiretapping. The government must be able to monitor the public’s experiences with chemical aerosols to make sure too many people aren’t smelling or tasting them. Otherwise, people would quickly realize that they were being sprayed.


The Pesticide chemtrail type probably has the same appearance as other types. They didn’t spray this type frequently enough for me to recognize any difference in appearance from other types.


I can only guess that the Pesticide chemtrail type contains pesticides because that’s what it smells like.

Health Effects

The pesticide chemtrail type had no health effect on me. I’m sure it would have had long-term effects if they had continued spraying this type.

Personal Protection


Burnt Rubber Type

This chemtrail type causes the odor of burnt rubber or burning plastic and a mixture of freshly-cut grass in the air over a large area. Some people also report the odor of “dirt” in the mix. The component of this odor that smells like freshly-cut grass cannot be actual cut grass because it occurs throughout the winter when snow is on the ground.

This odor suddenly appeared over large areas sometime between 2011 and early 2013; I didn’t record the exact date that I first detected it.

I have been contacted by many people across the United States who can smell this type.

This type is unique in that it is almost always sprayed here on Saturday mornings, and lasts throughout the day. It is virtually never sprayed on any other day of the week. The only exception to this pattern was during the week of October 6th. During this week, this chemtrail type was sprayed on Tuesday (8th) and Friday (11th), which was highly unusual. It’s worth noting that the 2 weeks previous to this week we have experienced very heavy spraying of a wide variety of chemtrail types, probably because of the global March Against Monsanto which occurred October 12, 2013. I have noticed that major political events are usually preceded by unusually heavy spraying.


The Burnt Rubber chemtrail type has the same appearance as other chemtrail types.


I do not have any idea what the Burnt Rubber chemtrail type contains, but based on the symptoms, it could be more complex than just metal. It may be a synthetic chemical complex of some type.

Health Effects

The Burnt Rubber chemtrail type causes headaches that seem to start in the sinuses and spread thoughout your entire head. It also causes joint and muscle pain along with a weak heartbeat. It seems to induce laziness and lethargy. In me, it causes emotions like general fearfulness or timidness and it lowers my level of ambition. It also induces twitching muscles.

Personal Protection

I get considerable headache relief using Feverfew (4 capsules). Twitching muscles can be controlled with magnesium citrate/malate (2 to 4 capsules). I mitigate the feelings of lethargy and fearfulness with Capsicum (2 to 3 capsules) which helps considerably. I control joint pain using oregano oil (taken internally in capsules – “Oreganol” brand – 1 to 2 gel caps) and Bromelain (4 capsules).

A wet mask only reduces the effects of this chemtrail type by about 40%, which does make a difference.

Dryer Sheets Type

This chemtrail type causes the odor similar to dryer sheets used by many consumers. I was not originally going to include this type in this article as it’s appearance has dissipated over the past year, but between 2010 and 2011 it made an appearance 1 or 2 days weekly.

I also delayed including this type here because I wanted to be sure this odor was not actual dryer sheets, but now that people have reported this type over large areas where in locations where there is no population, it reasonably confirms their existence.

I have been contacted by several people across the United States who can smell this type. The last person who contacted me finally convinced me to include this type in this list.


The “Dryer Sheets” chemtrail type has the same appearance as other chemtrail types.


I do not have any idea what the “Dryer Sheets” chemtrail type contains, but based on the symptoms, it is likely more complex than just metal. It’s likely a synthetic chemical complex of some type.

Health Effects

The “Dryer Sheets” chemtrail type causes headaches and dizziness. It seems to make me feel lazy and somewhat apathetic. It also lowers my level of ambition.

Personal Protection

I get considerable headache relief using Feverfew (4 capsules). Twitching muscles can be controlled with magnesium citrate/malate (2 to 4 capsules). I mitigate the feelings of lethargy and fearfulness with Capsicum (2 to 3 capsules) which helps considerably. I control joint pain using oregano oil (taken internally in capsules – “Oreganol” brand – 1 to 2 gel caps) and Bromelain (4 capsules).

A wet mask only reduces the effects of this chemtrail type by about 40%, which does make a difference.

Plastic Solvent Type

This chemtrail type is the newest type that I’ve experienced. It began to appear the winter at the same time that people began reporting snow that doesn’t melt.

When this type of chemtrail chemical is sprayed on the population, it tastes like a combination of plastic and some type of strong solvent mixed together. The solvent-part of the taste is somewhat similar to menthol but with a strong, bitter chemical taste, slightly resembling acetone.

This chemtrail chemical does not have a discernable odor, but it causes a mild burning sensation in my sinuses.

When this chemtrail type occurs, I wear a wet mask. When this type of chemical is sprayed, I have found that this mask begins to take on a strong odor of cheap plastic after about 20 minutes. This odor is very similar to the odor of plastic toys when they are first unwrapped from their packaging. After about 40 minutes, the odor in the wet mask is so strong that I have to change the mask.


This chemtrail chemical is nearly always detected when the sky is overcast, so it’s difficult to see how they appear in the sky.


I do not have any idea what the “Plastic Solvent” chemtrail type contains, but based on the odor and symptoms, it may be related to plastics and plastic solvents.

Health Effects

The “Plastic Solvent” chemtrail type causes symptoms that are more severe than other types.

Symptoms include severe headaches that come on rapidly. This chemtrail type also causes a burning sensation in the lungs that can make it difficult to breath. Other symptoms include heart pain and inflammation, joint pain, muscle pain, fatigue, and general sleepiness. This chemical also makes it difficult to concentrate and causes loud ringing in the ears which may indicate the presence of mercury.

This chemtrail chemical also causes a mild burning sensation on the surface of the eyes.

Personal Protection

I get considerable headache relief using Feverfew (4 capsules). I mitigate the feelings of lethargy and fearfulness with Capsicum (2 to 3 capsules) which helps considerably. I control joint pain using oregano oil (taken internally in capsules – “Oreganol” brand – 1 to 2 gel caps) and Bromelain (4 capsules). I also get about 1 hour of relief from heart pain by taking 4 capsules each (together) of IF-C and Relief Forumla.

A wet mask reduces the effects of this chemtrail type by about 75%, and this is important considering how severe the symptoms can be.

Russ Tanner is an electronic technician, whose work includes Designer of Embedded-Systems (small self-contained computer systems), Technical Director (lighting/sound) for a theater, and an Herbal/Nutritional Researcher/Co-Writer. He has been successfully self-employed since 1997. His website is