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Effects of Microwaves Barrie Trower richplanet (2016)

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Effects of Microwaves Barrie Trower richplanet (2016) Barrie Trower campaigns on the issue of microwaves. The damaging nature of microwaves was known about decades before mobile microwave technology was introduced. Only now are governments beginning to accept this. The list of health problems that can arise due to exposure of microwaves is vast. Not only are domestic products dangerous to health, Trower describes microwaves as "the new atomic bomb". A much more effective weapon than an atomic bomb because it is almost impossible to trace them back to their source. Their effects as weapons is varied ranging from causing cancers or heart attacks, mind control and a whole range of psychological and physiological effects. Microwave technology, according to Trower, is employed in satellites which can be used to effect the performance of individual Olympic athletes. Barry Trower on Wi Fi Radiation: “We Are Risking the Future Generations of All the Children in the World” This past week, my attention was on Wi-Fi in schools as I have a third grader whose school has both cabled internet and Wi-Fi routers. (I spoke this past week to both the school board and the PTA.) When I had asked a school official, a few months ago, why they needed, since the school was already cabled, Wi-Fi, I was told it was so teachers could teach special lessons using IPADs. The official told me the goal was “to blanket” every corner of the school in Wi-Fi. The school district seems to take an aloof but polite approach to any parent who brings up the topic. The parents can give various feedback but they are “out of the loop” in terms of having a kind of working input. The district personnel become increasingly quiet and non responsive and do not get back about meetings that initially they proposed. At the end of this week, I learned not from a school official but from another parent that the school district has ordered “safety testing.” What kind of “safety testing” could this be? Could it possibly be someone who will come in and do readings to confirm that the Wi-Fi “does not exceed FCC limits?” Is this the school district version of Edison and PG&E? Yet industry (utility as well as mobile phone companies) are big business, and we’re used to them behaving with a kind of ruthlessness when it comes to squelching information which could interfere with their market goals. But for a school district? For principals and teachers to behave that way? For educators? Barry Trower, retired British military intelligence scientist, a physicist and specialist in microwaves, does not mince words about Wi-Fi or the way school personnel are handling this: “Wi Fi should be wiped out of schools at a stroke today to protect all the children,” he states. I suspect he would also call into question the so-called “safety testing” my son’s school district has ordered: “A lot of people make the mistake in believing that children are small adults. And unlike medication—there you have an adult dose and a children’s dose–with microwaves there is the adult dose, but there is no known safe dose of microwave safe radiation anywhere in the world published for a child.” He says the schools are using “intentional ignorance. . . They will only look at and believe the research they want to. They will not acknowledge most of the real research and most of the risks. There is such a pressure and hype to get this technology.” Barrie Trower Bio: I trained at the Governments Microwave Warfare establishment in 60's. I worked with the underwater bomb disposal unit, which used microwaves. In the 70's I helped de-brief spies trained in microwave warfare. My first degree is in Physics (I specialised in microwaves) My second degree is a research degree. I have a teaching diploma in human physiology. I teach advanced physics and mathematics at South Dartmoor College. Author of the Tetra Report for the Police Federation. I predicted the illnesses, which the officers now complain of. I predicted the illness's the residents now complain of. These are illness's that occurred before my report was published and cannot be psychosomatic. At a conference in Birmingham I said: "This Government, Industry and Government Scientists will be responsible for more deaths (of civilians) in peace time than all the terrorist organizations ever." The evidence I have is showing this is correct. I put my money where my mouth is and stand my ground. It is easy to prove TETRA is not safe. videos: run time: 2 hrs 23 min papers tags: health, mind control, warfare, microwaves, frequency, cell phone, electromagnetic, radiation, medical
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WiFi and Radiation
Posted by Matt Springer on September 17, 2009
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I note an interesting short piece by James Hrynyshyn about a bit of a local controversy in Nova Scotia about the installation of a tower to provide wireless internet to the area. Leading the opposition is a guy worried about the health effects:

“I think over a period of time it will change the DNA of the garlic because it shakes up the molecules,” he said Tuesday.

EastLink uses microwave transmission to provide high-speed internet access to rural areas outside its wired network.

Levine said he moved to the country to get away from pollution, and he sees the radiation from the towers as another form of pollution.

“I view it with dread, fear and panic,” he said. “I don’t want to grow food under those conditions.”

It’s tempting to roll your eyes and dismiss it out of hand, and if in fact you did you wouldn’t be wrong. But why? It would certainly better if more people knew a little more about molecules and light, and maybe the next generation of farmers could work out for themselves what the effect of microwave radiation on crops is likely to be.

To do some estimation, we need to know about how light carries its energy. It’s relatively accurate to think of light as a stream of particles called photons, each with a specific amount of energy proportional to its frequency. We also know that light has wave properties such as diffraction and interference that can’t be described in terms of “billiard ball” photons, but for a relatively simple task like this where we’re not worried about wave properties we can just keep in the back of our minds that these photons do have a wave nature and aren’t only particles in the classical way we think of particles. With that as a caveat, it’s completely true that light does come in photons and they all have a certain energy. What is that energy per photon? It’s this:

This will give you the energy of a photon in electron volts given the wavelength in nanometers. Visible light ranges from roughly 750 nanometers in the red to 380 in the blue. In terms of energy, our formula tells us that these photons range from about 1.6 to 3.3 electron volts. This is roughly on the order of the energies involved in electron energy levels, which is the basis for chemistry. Chemical reactions can make visible light (glow stocks, fireflies, etc) and light can made chemical reactions (camera film, dyes fading, etc). Ultraviolet light from the sun is of a shorter wavelength, say, 300 nanometers or so from the rays you should protect yourself from at the beach. These are maybe 4.2 eV, strong enough to more excite more energetic electron energy levels and dissociate the molecules. If it’s a DNA molecule, these damages and breaks from absorbing the photons can eventually lead to skin cancer and other health problems.

So what kind of energies are we looking at in WiFi signals? WiFi operates in the 2.4 GHz frequency range, the same as a microwave oven. The wavelength of that light is about 12.5 centimeters, which is about 125 million nanometers. Each photon therefore carries almost exactly 1/100,000 of an electron volt worth of energy. This is nowhere near the ~1+ energies involved in electron energy levels, and so this kind of radiation can’t damage DNA. The energy just isn’t there. Furthermore, because of the quantum nature of electron energy levels, you can’t just stack 100,000 microwave photons to cause a 1 eV transision. You have to actually have a 1 eV photon. (Technically there is such a thing as a multiphoton transition, but it’s a strongly nonlinear process with a probability that’s already very low for 2 photon transitions and exponentially worse as the number increases. 100,000 is out of the question.)

But if microwave photons can’t damage DNA, how can they cook food and boil water in your microwave oven? The answer is simple: the energy they have is plenty enough to excite the much less energetic rotational and vibrational states of the molecules. This motion produces heat. Heat is just heat though, there’s nothing special about heat produced by a microwave any more than there is by an electric heating element or a heat lamp or a seat warmer. And the total power output by a WiFi transmitter is many orders of magnitude less than a microwave oven – 1 watt tends to be an upper limit for home and business transmitters, while any person standing around would only absorb a tiny fraction of that tiny fraction. The temperature increase from absorbing WiFi signals is not measurable, and mathematically speaking is itself dwarfed by other radio/microwave sources such as cell phones and (depending on your location) broadcast radio and TV.

WiFi just isn’t going to hurt you, your DNA, your crops or their DNA, or anything else other than the attention spans of college students when WiFi lets them spend class on Facebook.

i think you're missing the point.

As Tesla said if you want to understand the universe think in terms of frequency and vibration.

The low powered microwave signals that we are being immersed in can resonate with our body's dna and other things.
Not good. They don't require the amplitude or power to heat us up like a microwave oven to cause damage.

There's also the factor of the large scale nano metal pollution of our bodies from illegal Geo engineering

So here we are. Electric over chemical beings. Basically living in a sack of water called a body that's being polluted with metal.Living in an ever expanding sea of microwaves and being vibrated on an artificial molecular level by military and corporate interests for profit and power.

What could go wrong?