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Dynamic Genomes 1of2: Hidden Treasures in Our DNA (2019)

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Previously it was thought that only 2% of our DNA is meaningful and the remaining 98% is non-coding “junk”. But today we are beginning to know how the junk part of our DNA works to decide our personal characteristics and tendencies.


How does this stand up to epigenetics and the work of Bruce Lipton?

It looks like it's mainstream TV so I'm expecting it to buy into the fear-based idea that your genes determine your future health, which they categorically do not - you can clearly turn your genes on and off both by changing your beliefs and with nutrition.

certainly about nutrition David Sinclair is a genius in the field
good interview with Rogan

Makes me sick to see how infected and bound and gagged all this research is instilling fear and false hopes while each of us carries the answer and cure to all diseases and illnesses inside the physical body. And the cherry on top of this shit pile is the religion of evolution degrading our godliness. We are gods and are not evolved from some sludge slime into idiotic monkeys. We are creators, all powerful and eternal. Any opinions inferior to god are seeking to control and steal our unlimited power. The sleaziest method is how official and harmless this filth is being propagandised with billions invested into it and made to look so modern professional smart and advanced. The true solution is here right now without empty promises and hot air hopes taking advantage of innocent young and old stringing all along. True evil concealed in the ultimate artificial flower of hope and glory. The piper.