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Dusty Sklar - The Nazis and the Occult - pdf [TKRG]

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Dusty Sklar - The Nazis and the Occult - pdf [TKRG]

It is been well-known that the Nazis perpetrated some of the worst crimes against humanity in the world's history.

What is less well known is Nazism long term commitment to the occult and occultic practices. This book carefully documents it links and connections to various occultic groups, and how the occult shaped its policies and beliefs. It shows that Nazism was more that a mere political movement but an occultic ideology and religion which pervaded every aspect of Nazism


Pure Zionist misinformation and propaganda. The Germans kicked out or jailed the Jewish masons and Bolsheviks in the early 1930's. Not the other way around. The jews favorite trick (still used today) is to blame the other side for the very tactics they are using.