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Duress, Dissidents & Deadly Force - Mark Passio

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In this incendiary presentation, Mark Passio explains the condition of duress under which human beings perpetually live, and the complete moral illegitimacy of that state of coercion and violence.

From time to time throughout history, a small percentage of human beings - true dissidents - awakened to the realization that the condition of duress in which they were held was unacceptable to the point that they were willing to give their very lives to fight back against their oppressors and enslavers. Mark explains that when immoral people refuse to acknowledge truth and reason, and continue to unrightfully take the freedom of others, there exists a Right to employ deadly force to take back the Freedom that is our birthright as human beings. Resistance against tyranny is NOT futile. It is our moral obligation and a path to alignment with the Spiritual Laws of Creation.

Video Editor: Jeff Ritter
Associate Producer: Leiha Boone

Mark Passio - What On Earth Is Happening