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Drunvalo Melchizedek Earth Sky Heart Workshop 13DVDs 28hrs 2011

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Drunvalo Melchizedek Earth Sky Heart Workshop 13DVDs 28hrs 2011

The Tetrahedronal Mer-Ka-Ba (the human light body) was geometrically and mathematically introduced to the world by Drunvalo Melchizedek in late 1984, but by the mid-1990’s it became clear that the Mer-Ka-Ba was only the beginning of a far deeper level of consciousness unfoldment. To bring this necessary additional information to people who had learned the Mer-Ka-Ba, the Earth-Sky Workshop was created. Still, by 2003, the Living in the Heart® book was written, and it became further necessary to intergrade that information into the old workshop and the Earth-Sky-Heart Workshop was born.

This gave a person who had previously activated their Mer-Ka-Ba everything they needed to ascend into higher levels of consciousness. But by 2011, a new approach to this information was released in a workshop called Awakening the Illuminated Heart® making the last workshop unnecessary except for people who had received their knowledge from the Flower of Life teachings. For them this Earth-Sky-Heart Workshop is exactly what they need. So on the final Earth-Sky -Heart Workshop given live by Drunvalo on April 11-15, 2011 to 124 people, we professionally filmed it. We preserved this workshop just for you, so you will be able to complete your journey into higher consciousness. This workshop has never been released on DVD before, and it is Hollywood quality.

To truly understand the content of this DVD set, you need to have read three books, which were a prerequisite to this workshop. The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life, Volume I & II, and Living in the Heart® by Drunvalo Melchizedek.

This is a 13 DVD set about 28 hours long. Price $390.00

comment: I've found the source ISO files on the net and they're huge: 13 times 3-4 GB. It has taken me ages leeching these. I've ripped and compressed them to an acceptable size with almost no loss of quality and added the relevant and required textbooks and audio files. And now I'm seeding them at 500 Mbps.

I cannot help but get the impression that this workshop has a certain illuminati-taste to it, but it's interesting anyway. The Heavenly Father isn't "the sun" but GOD the Supreme Being is. Of course you're spiritually connected to the sun, to both the sun as a star and the sun as your soul, and anything in the cosmos is a being. They're always sneakily trying to bring in their sun-god through the backdoor it seems.

Drunvalo also talks about the elite's population reduction agenda and how the UN has created AIDS, and they even have a cure for it, he says - if you believe in AIDS. He's one of us in a way.

Then Drunvalo talks about the secret government and how he got the permission from them to use a free energy device he built. He'll tell you how you can make a simple copper-coil become "alive" and produce energy seemingly out of nothing. He'll show you some strange electric circuits that shouldn't work but function anyway. Forget about your sense of logic.

The field of knowledge presented here is vast.

Nibbling at the Tree of Knowledge, eh? You can read what you want, just DO NOT JUDGE anything or anyone - period.

And now that you have saved 390 bucks, give 2 percent of it as a donation to your favorite torrent-site if you like. It's called balancing out your karma. You get what you give.

By the way, even masons are allowed to leech this torrent. They just love this geometric platonic stuff. This universal quest for excellence shall be universally supported. Even Lucifer will have to go back to the Source. ;-)


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