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Dr. Steven Greer Explains The Corona Virus & Current Events (2020.03.21)

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Dr. Greer speaking with Jim Martin Vice President of 1091 Media.

In this important broadcast, Dr. Greer discusses the state of the world and all that is occurring surrounding the COVID-19 outbreak. He bridges the contact and disclosure worlds through the events unfolding before our eyes.

“… we would have had the tool to avoid this – the science and technology to avoid or cure this pandemic with disclosure…”

Dr. Greer will present real solutions and offer practical things that you can do right now to get our civilization back in order.


I was very disappointed listening to Steven Greer a few months ago. He espoused the BS-19 narrative almost completely, talking about "flattening the curve", "social distancing" and using the meaningless numbers as an excuse to accept the lockdown.

The sad thing is that on health matters, he has legitimacy: he was an ER surgeon. So he's spent 30+ years as a professional in a paradigm that he never questioned? This has me worried that his UFO 'disclosure' project may be some kind of deflection. After all, he admitted he's met powerful people.

This or he's still very naive, despite all that he has found.

In the beginning the medical advice about social distancing seemed legit when places like Italy were overwhelmed with alleged Covid-19 infections. Dr. Greer is a mainstream doctor, not a naturopath so it makes sense he would have conventional explanations. Although he did hint at the possibility this is a manufactured disease. He said he could not release information on what he knows because his YouTube channels would get shut down. So who knows. The whistleblowers and insiders he filmed for The Disclosure Project don't have any specific agenda. Greer might, but I always thought it was benevolent...