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Dr Mercola + Stephanie Seneff: The Rapid Mass Deployment of Covid19 Vaccinations

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AVC-AAC 83 minutes

English-language subtitles (pretty tough to do for lengthy extemporaneous conversation)
Computer-translations into about 120 other languages - by Yandex, Google, Baidu

PLEASE NOTE: Subtitles start about 2 min 49 sec after the beginning of the video.
Before that is just the opening / preview / teaser.

Quotes extracted:

"... to me, this is the most groundbreaking,
headline-making news of recent past few months.

And of course it will be ignored, in fact, probably actively censored,
that the vaccines that are being offered to hundreds of millions of
people are actually instruction sets for your body to make a toxic
protein that will eventually wind up concentrated in your spleen,
that sends out the prion-like protein instructions in these exosomes
to sensitive areas in your body that targets them, that will lead to
neurodegenerative diseases.

I mean, that is just headline-making news.
And it won’t get the attention it deserves."

"Exosomes get released from the lungs. So-- but just to be clear,
what's being shared or spread is the spike protein, which in itself
is toxic.... not the SARS-CoV-2. So this is not an infection, it's a
spread or shedding of a toxic protein."

"And exactly what happens when they go into the lungs,
I don't know. I have no idea. No one does. It's never
been studied, you can only speculate, like much of this.

I know. There's a lot of speculation. Has to be at
this point, because we haven't done the research.

- Intentionally. Intentionally
- I know."

"Which really brings this whole point as to if they really
believe that this was the best thing to save people's lives
and prevent a catastrophic decimation of the human race,
which it isn't in any way, shape or form, then if they believe
that though, they would have freely shared this information
on how to make these vaccines with other countries, the
poor countries, which can't afford to pay for these vaccines.

But yet, if they were given instructions, they could make it
themselves and provide it at a less expensive rate.

But Gates specifically has... avoided sharing the intellectual
property that will allow these countries to do that.

and only restrict it to the countries that can afford to pay
for it and give them tens of billions of dollars of profit."

"But the unintended consequences of the commercialization of
this product is that some spike proteins, fragmented spike proteins

- Right, right.

- don't make it into that nanoliposome, they're actually circulated
in the diluent, or into the liquid that it's encased in."
So there's this like...a much messier consequence of the version
that was used in production compared to the version that was
done in the laboratory for the trial experiments."

This is what-- Greg Nigh found something that talked about that.
And if that's true, I mean, that's really shocking, too, because they
never actually did the trials on the same substances that they're
putting together in the vaccine."

"...the majority of the people will think that we're nuts and that
we're conspiracy theorists, but we're not. We're telling people the
facts, and we will be vindicated. There is not a micro doubt in my
mind.The truth will eventually surface when unfortunately,
millions of people will have to die before."

"...they think if they can get us to accept this vaccine, there's
all kinds of other mRNA technology productsmthat they've got
in the wings. They're so excited about the potential. They're
a very clever way to earn revenue because there is, as we
mentioned, no liability..."

"So you want to do things like optimize your vitamin D,
do time-restricted eating and then do sauna regularly."

"...they've manipulated and brainwashed and propagandized
people to the hilt. They've convinced them that they need this...
not worthless, it's worse than worthless, because it's going to kill
so many people."

"...everyone's being pressured to get it, and families are being
tortured by different people having different opinions about
the vaccine and fighting with each other. I mean, it's just caused a
tremendous amount of stress among so many people across the globe."

"We need to recognize that it's not a good idea and then
we need to stop it. And we need to do that immediately...."