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Dr. Fred Alan Wolf - Shamanic Physics (1992)

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Shamans see the world as made up of vibrations, using resonance between individuals to effect healings. In part one of this two-part series, Fred Alan Wolf discusses his efforts to explain shamanic realities in terms of modern physics. He suggests that shamans interact with parallel universes and are able to enter into the world of the dead.

In part two, Wolf describes in greater length his interactions with shamans among the North American Sioux Indians, in the jungles of Peru and in England. He confesses that he observed many things among the shamans that were unexplainable to him in terms of modern physics, noting that the shamans he worked with were loving healers who touched him in a deep and nurturing manner.

Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist and author of Space Time and Beyond, Taking the Quantum Leap, The Body Quantum, Star*Wave, Parallel Universes and The Eagle's Quest.


What Fred Wolf is Up to These Days...

I've recently completed my latest book published by Hampton Roads/Red Wheel Weiser and due out in the Spring of 2011 or perhaps even sooner. You can see its tentative cover above. In this book we will look at how our understanding of the nature of time, space and matter have changed-even what we mean by these terms-in just the last few decades. It will take us into the world of fundamental particles and how they are actually made from light. Consequently they can appear and disappear, move through time forming loops going forward and backward in time, and twist in space resulting in the appearance of the everyday world of matter and energy. In brief the universe is a light show on a grand scale and God's opening command "Let there be light" now takes on a new meaning: Everything is literally made of light and the reader will learn how and why it is so. The book is written in a popular language style with some basic conceptual math and quantum physics ideas. No one has to calculate anything to grasp the meaning of these ideas. I refer the reader to my earlier books Taking the Quantum Leap and Parallel Universes to see a similar style of writing. The numerous illustrations using cartoon characters where possible to illustrate the ideas presented are scattered through the text. I have found that people who begin to learn about quantum physics after college are usually greatly aided by pictures and drawings especially since our journey into the ingredients of the universe indeed has many loops and twists that can confound the mind. What makes this book different from many others writing about similar topics, is the interest it takes in conceptual understanding of the material, not just an "oh wow gee whiz" book, but a real attempt to explain the deep ideas behind the concepts using simple math concepts and many illustrations and examples.