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Dr. Buttar BLASTS Fauci, WHO, Gates for fake pandemic numbers [BANNED on YT]

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Interview conducted by Next News Network with Dr. Rashid Buttar.

Certain parts of his lecture on Corona, vaccines, 5G and fake media reporting had been banned on YouTube before, see here:

Now the remainig parts have been banned on YouTube, as well as this interview.

BTW, London Real has just interviewed Dr. Buttar on their brand new, crowd funded anti-censorship streaming platform to fight back against the anti-free-speech tech giants of Silicon Valley:


Anybody familiar with Dr. Shiv Ayyudarai? In this video linked here, he totally blasts Buttar as a total plagiarist and a fraud. He claims that Buttar just lifts Shiva's ideas and repackages them as his own.

Dr Shiva also blasts Robert F Kennedy as a shill for the Clinton Crime Family

Shiva thinks RFK jr is controlled opposition, which he so obviously is not.

Dr Shiva asserts that RFK, Jr. has on several occasions voiced his support for Hillary Clinton and has ties to the Clinton Foundation

Proven to lie here, about a handshake - so what else does he lie about

Who cares? Jon Rappoport, a famous virus-buster, was the first, to my knowledge, to say on January 22nd, that the "epidemic" had other causes, as they always do. Infections are a myth. So of course the numbers are wrong from the start, because the very definition of Covid-19 is ambiguous (see David Crowe on that one: ), the test results are ambiguous, and the cure is ambiguous. The countries that accepted the premises fell to all sorts of manipulations.

I was putting together references and noticed this one was censored :| The battlefields shift very quickly!

Dr Shiva goes on the attack against RFK Jr

The banning gets out of hand now. But Susan Wojcicki, YouTube CEO, is on record (CNN interview) for publicly admitting:

"Anything that goes against World Health Organization [WHO] recommendations would be a violation of our policy. And so remove is another important part of our policy"

More doctors banned on YouTube:

Dr. Dan Erickson

See The Video Youtube Banned Of California Doctors’ Exposing COVID-19 Hoax

Summary versions

The above press conference is a must see.

Dr. Andrew Kaufman

Is COVID-19 really an exosome and not a virus??? [original upload BANNED]

Dr Andrew Kaufman - Unmasking the lies around Covid-19: facts vs fiction of the Coronavirus pandemic [teaser video]

Dr Andrew Kaufman - Unmasking the lies around Covid-19: facts vs fiction of the Coronavirus pandemic [full video]