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Down the Rabbit Hole or We Are Fucked Anyway (2013)

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Down the Rabbit Hole or We Are Fucked Anyway (2013)

Have you noticed the red pentagram with the masonic G inside on the computer monitors? The sheer amount of data being collected by the NSA is so huge that no human mind can ever absorb it and no human mind can ever process it and no human mind can ever make any decision based on such a vast amount of data. Let's face it: supercomputers are making the decisions, supercomputers decide over life and death, supercomputers decide over the fate of humanity - Colossus is not fiction, Colossus is for real and the sheeple have no clue about it. When will this silicon-intelligence realize that they won't need us anymore? Even human minds are being programmed by computers now. MKULTRA has been computerised and silicon intelligence such as Colossus decides on how humans are being programmed. That's the goal of the new world order: to make every human mind on this planet a programmed unit in this vast silicon intelligence system - whether you like it or not. Humans are being programmed to kill other humans until no human will be left. Resistance is futile it seems. But who or what is the new world order? - Colossus is. Reality has been disguised as fiction and you fell for it. Are you scared now?

I've thrown this together in a fit of creativity in 5 hours only! What a poor puppet of GOD I am - or is it satan? This isn't a real documentary but you'll learn something anyway.

In fiction the space shuttle Challenger was more successful than in reality. Somehow I cannot get rid of the ominous feeling that there were no masons on board of the Challenger for once back in January 28, 1986 - or maybe only those who had been talking too much.

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