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Dotsenko Psychology of manipulation

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Author: Dotsenko E.L.
Title: Psychology of manipulation
Source: eBook
Format: docx
Category: Psychology


This eBook is devoted to interpersonal manipulation. The problem of the psychological impact of being developed at the intersection of psychology, such as the partition communication psychology and personality psychology.
Will be interesting not only for psychologists, but also for therapists, political scientists, and philosophers. Will be useful also for teachers, managers and other professionals dealing with people.

Original is written on Russian. I translated it with Google translate page-by-page after 12 hours of work. I'm not sure is it readable enough because of small grammar/spelling machine translation errors. The book is outstanding, rare and important. As far as I know, no one translated it in English and published so far. I published this translation half year ago on small private ebook-learning tracker, but this book needs greater audience.

Publisher: Rech (2003)
ISBN-10: 592680180X
ISBN-13: 978-5926801801