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Don't Talk About The Weather - Chemtrails - DVDrip[2008] (Resized)

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Don't Talk about the Weather (Chemtrails 2008)
follows the evidence of a worldwide military operation
spraying fibers, GMO laboratory engineered germs and metals making us sick.
It starts by presenting videos from investigators worldwide,
analysis the cover up and contradicting lies by mass-media,
shows the psychology of oppressing truth,
exposing psyops in alternative media (sylphs, reptilians),
and goes on to present truth-seeking broadcasters
showing how the few hidden rulers advancing the
NWO over the last few years prepare depopulation and
total control by programming us and making us stupid and sick.
Sources include: WorkingTV, Carnicom, Alan Watt.

Dedicated to the victims of aerial spraying
and the millions of lives saved if we take action.
Please pass on to everyone you know.

People of heart, help each other keep freedom alive,
grow food together on your own land, and,
in an increasingly corrupt world,
mistrust anyone with any measure of success
so you don't fall into the trap of fake saviors.

Blurb from DVD:

"Ever wondered why the sky is overcast nearly every day,
why people are coughing and getting sick, and why
everything on the news is suddenly a crisis? Don't Talk
About the Weather chronicles a grass-roots investigation
into chemtrails, analyzing the different and contradictory
official explanations, as well as uncovering official
documents that prove chemtrails are not only real, but are
a WEAPONS SYSTEM. It also examines media involvement,
including subliminal and counter-intelligence, and links
the subject to an all-encompassing political agenda. There
should be something new here for anyone who sticks with it,
as each section takes a different perspective. Information
is presented to provoke intelligent and peaceful debate."

Made by:
Ill Eagle Films
Skyline Productions
Rebel With a Cause

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