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Don't call it a comeback.

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Don't call it a comeback.

Hey guys, old school user here, it's triplesix. Not sure how many old folks still come around. Exciting times we live in. Been feeling the need to come back around again. I've had a huge swing in my politics as we've had a huge swing in our society. I feel like it is time for a new name for a new world view.

I went through a sort of alchemical nigredo when I abruptly left ConCen. Just paranoid about my life and pessimistic about the world. I went through a process of metamorphosis with many of my old beliefs stripped away entirely and found three remain pure. Through that process of disintegrating dead pseudophilosophies, these three were indefatigable. They remain, if not arbiters of absolute truth, unassailable by reason and supported in practice: Christianity, Taoism, and Jungian psychology.

I've come to recognize and despise a few things in society, call them the great untruths perhaps, them being: pathological antireligiosity (new atheism), social justice progressivism (aka old school Communism), and Social Darwinian determinism (i.e. new hipster fascism).

I remain convinced salvation lies in the philosophy of natural rights and Libertarianism. I don't think these ideas resonate with many in the 21st century, but I think we're in real trouble if we don't get educating people about the value of non-collectivist ideologies. People having the ears to hear is really only half the battle. People need to speak the good word.

So that's where I'm at. Good to be back. Look forward to ripping it up again like the good old days.

Glad you're back!

The forum is quieter than in the past, but there are still some good torrents coming through.


Yeah I came back for the torrents. The "conspiracy" world has taken some strange turns. It's almost like what conspiracy theorists were vindicated for, NSA spying, Agenda 21, shadow government, etc. have been absorbed into the "mainstream" milieu, and, because these people are exclusionary parasites by reflex, "conspiracy theorists" have necessarily been remanded, exiled, to their "rightful place" on the fringe with their ancient aliens and intergalactic war theories that few people take seriously while they take ownership of what has been revealed as if they had always known about Bohemian Grove and always considered it not a big deal.

Strange times. I love it though I do. The sea of humanity is a strange body of water.


There are a few returnees ;)

Returning to ConCen

I have also been coming back here a little bit more. I used to be more hip to consciousness-related torrents, but nowadays am straight up conspiracy and New World Order. Have I lost the faith? Maybe a little bit. But it's great to see that ConCen is still quite active!

welcome back

now what we need is R.R to show face! LOL

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