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Dolphin Dreaming - Meditation Activations

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Dolphin Dreaming - Meditation Activations


As we stand on the threshold of a Major Transformation of our Planet and Ourselves, the Angelic Beings of Light known as the Dolphin Masters or Dolphin Angels, are here to assist us.

These ones are the Higher Aspects of the Beloved Dolphins that we know in our Oceans. Their home is the Cosmic Ocean of Starlight, and they come to assist our shift into Higher Consciousness.

The Cetaceans, both the Dolphins and Whales, have long been assisting in raising the Frequency of Earth, as Earth births as a Blue “Water” Star. For the Dolphin masters it is exciting to see a Water World becoming a Star, the first Body of Light to be a primarily water based “star” in the Golden Rose Galaxy. Light, passing through the water, refracts as through a Crystal or Prism and is transmitted out into the Galaxy. The Dolphin Masters teach us that the water of which we are made and of which the planet is made, acts as a crystalline prism to transmit patterns of Light and Harmony through the Solar System and the Galaxy.

The Earth is a “Water Crystal” Star/Planet, transmitting New Codes of Light as we birth a New Earth on our wonderful Blue Water World.

This Album was designed by Johann and myself to channel the energy of the Dolphin Masters as we enter into this next phase of our evolution and growth. It can be used to activate Light Code energies in your Physical/Light body complex and to connect with the Rising Consciousness of the New Earth.

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1. New Earth Rising Meditation Activation 11:32

2. Physical Transformation Meditation Activation 11:00

3. Cosmic Voyage Meditation Activation 11:00

4. Connecting with the Dolphin Masters 2 Minute Meditation 02:00

comment: Wow, Dolphins seem to have angels too - something I didn't know. Maybe this planet was made for dolphins, and we humans are just some collateral side species being tolerated here. When polluting the oceans, have we ever asked the dolphins for permission to do that? Bear in mind that Fukushima is a major disaster for the most intelligent of all species on this planet - the dolphins. The intelligence of a species can be measured by its ability to live in harmony with its environment.