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Dolores Cannon - Jesus And The Essenes (2000 version)

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Sect. on One: The Mysterious Essenes
1. How it all began
2. The Subject
3. Meeting Suddi
4. Who were the Essenes?
5. Description of Qumran
6. The government of the Qumran community
7. The mysterious library
8. The twelve commandments
9. Meditation and chakras
10. Suddi's first trip to the outside world
11. Suddi's sister Sarah
12. Going to Bethesda
13. Questioning
14. Scrolls and biblical stories
15. Moses and Ezekiel
16. Creation, catastrophe and the Kaloo
Section Two: The Life of Jesus
17. Jesus: the prophecies
18. The Star of Bethlehem
19. The Magi and the Baby
20. Jesus and John: two students at Qumran
21. Jesus and John: completion of their studies
22. Jesus' travels, and Mary
23. Jesus' ministry begins
24. Preparation for crucifixion
25. The Crucifixion and Resurrection
26. The Purpose of the Crucifixion and Resurrection