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Doc Marquis - Memoirs of an Illuminati Witch [pack]

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Doc Marquis - Memoirs of an Illuminati Witch [pack] About Doc Marquis Doc Marquis was raised as a child in the international, occult group known as the Illuminati. For 20 years he was trained as an Illuminist and attained the rank of Master Witch (a 3rd level Illuminati Witch). As a result of GOD's sovereignty and mercy, Doc became surrounded by Christians who presented him with the Gospel. Confronted by GOD's Word and love, he opened his heart and mind. On April 15, 1979 Doc became a Born­Again Christian, forever severing his ties with the Illuminati. He now devotes his life to traveling across the country and using public forums to expose and educate the public on the occult. Doc speaks at: seminars, lectures, conventions, conferences, workshops, churches, colleges and universities, and special interest groups. He also trains therapists, clinicians, psychiatrists, psychologists, local and state police, and former/present day members of the F.B.I. in the areas of victim­ abuse recovery, S.R.A. (Satanic Ritual Abuse), D.I.D. (Dissociative Identity Disorder), programming/brainwashing, solving occult crimes and the eight major occult groups found in America. Television Appearance/Consulting: Doc Marquis has appeared on and consulted for: 20/20, The Oprah Winfrey Show, Geraldo Rivera, Hard Copy, Inside Edition, Unsolved Mysteries, Closing Comments, Camp Town Meeting, Thinking Out Loud, Telejournal News, Stand Up For Your Rights, The Americanist Perspective, Where is Rhode Island, We the People, Talk of the Town, Fox Television, Keep Looking to Jesus, and more. Doc has also appeared on international television programs in England, Italy, Japan, Jerusalem and Mexico. Radio Appearances: "Coast to Coast A.M. (with Art Bell), “The Hagmann and Hagmann Report” (with Doug and Joe Hagmann), Radio Liberty (Dr. Stan Monteith), “Prophecy in the News” (Gary Stearman and Bob Ulrich), “Raiders News Network” (Dr. Tom Horn), “Southwest Radio Ministries” (Dr. Noah Hutchins), “NewsWithViews” (Coach Dave) “Ground Zero” (Clyde Lewis), “Omega Man Radio”, “Let Freedom Ring," Fort Wayne, IN; "The Open Forum," Teague, TX; "Old Path Ministries," Attleboro, MA; "The Lou Epton Show," Las Vegas, NV; "The American Freedom Network," and more than 1,000 other shows throughout the world. videos: 1) America's Occult Holidays - Doc Marquis - TPC Doc Marquis, generational Illuminati family member exposes the occult holidays that we have all been celebrating, not knowing their true meaning. Ever wondered what the Easter Bunny has to do with the resurrection of Jesus Christ? Ever wondered what May Day is all about, or why Ground Hog's Day is a holiday? 2) Exposing Catholicism, Which Queen of Heaven - pts 1 & 2 by Doc Marquis Doc Marquis exposes the evil Catholic church: He explains her occult origins, and how paganism was merged with the church, and he outlines the evil role of the Jesuits. Drawing upon his deep training as a Luciferian witch in the Illuminati tradition, Doc Marquis conclusively proves that Roman Catholicism is identical to ancient Babylonian witchcraft. 3) Joseph Doc Marquis on Oprah - June 24, 1987 Young Doc Marquis challenging the well known witch and media star Oprah. 4) Rare Interview with Doc Marquis - A Former Member of the Illuminati Exposes the Origins of the Society Today a born again Christian, Doc Marquis, who was raised as a member of the Illuminati, reveals mind blowing information about the deep roots of their faith and their core values, tracing back to early antiquity, that form the basis of the Illuminati secret society. In this lecture, Doc Marquis reveals a hidden secret between the Illuminati and the ancient giants, the Nephilim, that are mentioned in the Bible, and their connection to Satan, or his other name, Lucifer. 5) Doc Marquis - America's Occult Holidays - Paganism in America and the World 6) The Illuminati Protocols of Zion The Illuminati Protocols of Zion (Part 1 of 2).mp4 The Illuminati Protocols of Zion (Part 2 of 2).mp4 audio: Doc Marquis - The Final Rapture Doc Marquis - The Final Rapture Part 1.m4a Doc Marquis - The Final Rapture Part 2.m4a Doc Marquis - Aliens, Fallen Angels or the Antichrist.m4a Doc Marquis - Dark Rites and Rituals of the Bohemian Grove.m4a Doc Marquis - Dictators of the Illuminati.m4a Doc Marquis - Illuminati Gods at the Olympic Games.m4a Doc Marquis - The Illuminati Is Fulfilling Bible Prophecy.m4a Episode 23 - Doc Marquis - Memoirs of an Illuminati Witch.m4a Secrets of the Bohemian Grove - Doc Marquis.m4a TSR 197 - Trumping The Illuminati - Doc Marquis on Trump, The Illuminati, and the Future.m4a audio 2: Doc Marquis Archive c4i 16 12 06 d marquis.m4a Doc Marquis Part 1 - Mystery Babylon and Illuminati.m4a Doc Marquis Part 2 - Illuminati Infiltration of the Church, Deacons, Women Pastors.m4a Doc Marquis Part 3 - Illuminati False Teachings and How to Bring Down a Church.m4a Doc Marquis Part 4 - Historical Facts of the Existence of the Illuminati.m4a TSR TSR 020 - 021 Doc Marquis and Dictators of the Illuminati.m4a TSR 063 Doc Marquis and the Rapture.m4a TSR 084 Doc Marquis and the Secret Occult Origins of Halloween.m4a TSR 197 - Trumping The Illuminati - Doc Marquis on Trump, The Illuminati, and the Future.m4a Burning Man Doc Marquis Exposes It All.m4a Doc Marquis - Protocols of Zion, Illuminati and the Final Rapture - Startling.m4a Doc Marquis - Genesis 6, Giants, Nephilim, Ancient Civilizations, Biblical Truth.m4a Doc Marquis - Illuminati Cards - Bill Clinton - Hillary Clinton.m4a Doc Marquis - The Illuminati and Their Plan for the New World Order.m4a Doc Marquis Part 8 - President Trump is a Born Again Christian and a Window of Hope.m4a Doc Marquis Part 9 - Signs of the End, How Close are We.m4a Doc Marquis Part 12 - Inspiration for Young Believers - Noah's Ark and More.m4a Pizza Gate - Doc Marquis (Former Illuminati Witch) Rituals, Symbolism.m4a Revelation 13 Illuminati End Game - Spiritual Awakening - Doc Marquis.m4a WATCHMEN RADIO WITH ILLUMINATI DEFECTOR DOC MARQUIS.m4a Which Rapture Are We Awaiting - Speakers Dr David Schnittger and Doc Marquis.m4a tags: Illuminati, occult, Catholicism, Rapture, aliens, fallen angels, Bible, prophecy, Bohemian Grove, Lucifer
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