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Disclosure S04 [large filesize] (David Wilcock, Pete Peterson)

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Why are you putting new stuff on here when people are still waiting for you on stuff you put on here more than a month ago?

The stuff you put on is good, and you are welcome, but why not finish all the stuff you have started, before putting new stuff on?

My suggestion is that the most you should keep people hanging on waiting is 5 days, but preferably just one day. Regards

I'll ensure that stuff I've put up completes before uploading new stuff.

You have certainly put a massive amount of good stuff on. I've downloaded lots of it. I had some that were waiting a month, but they've completed. Thank you. I've just got two outstanding. Both large size. Wisdom Teachings S11 and S14. S14 I've been waiting for nearly six days, but it has started downloading and should be finished today. S11 I've been waiting for nearly two days, and it's still on 0.0%.
But again thanks for all your uploads.

Hi flaurora_sonora,
Wisdom Teachings S11 [large filesize]. I said above I'd been waiting for nearly two days. It's approaching six days and it's still 0%. I think that because you uploaded lots of stuff for over a month without completing most, people could only try to download some. And weeks later, when those were completed, they tried to download more, but found that although some had completed, there was no-one seeding now. That applies to S11. There have been other people on 0%, although many have given up and departed.

S11 currently says: 7 Seeds, 9 Peers and 21 Completed. But there is no seed there and the only other peer has 0.2%.

Yeah, I've noticed that some are still at 0% on Wisdom Teachings S11 [large filesize] while others have completed it without issue. When the peers having trouble disconnect the message I see is "Connection reset 10053" which might indicate an issue with the software used ( I don't really know what the problem is; as far as I know, I did nothing different with this torrent. You can try
Meh, the second attempt seems to have the same problem. There is an uploaded alternative here:

I have now completed S11. Thanks again.