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The Dirty Truth About Oil

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The "Fossil Fuel" Hoax AKA "How pseudo-science has reinforced the myth of peak oil and why the petroleum engine has been obsolete for decades."

What do water-powered cars, Col. L. Fletcher Prouty, Nikola Tesla, Stanley Meyer, Free Energy, the myth of peak oil (the idea that we will one day soon run out of petroleum), the myth that oil is a "fossil fuel", colonialism, Thomas Malthus and his theory of overpopulation and Darwinian "Survival of the Fittest" Evolution have in common?

The answer lies within.

The first installment of a short series of rivetingly informative vids detailing what every human being should know about the world.

Stay tuned for the solution.

Spread the truth!

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Have been doing research about this in the last 20 years.
My 1.0 FIAT Uno do more them 40 mpg with HHO and a gasoline vaporizer.
But i know is possible to get rid of hydrocarbon completely... But i am not there yet though.