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Dimitri Khalezov 911tholgy Third Truth 9-11 v4 1096p 2013

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Dimitri Khalezov 911tholgy Third Truth 9-11 v4 1096p 2013

After my "9/11thology" video presentation appeared on the Internet in March 2010, the absolute majority of the innocent people welcomed it. However, it was not so with the "professional" 9/11 auditorium. Those "professional" 9/11 conspiracy theorists (who spent at least 8 years on their supposed "9/11 research" but who did not even bother to open a pre-9/11 dictionary and to check the only pre-9/11 meaning of "ground zero" ) were not happy at all with my presentation that they promptly dubbed a "theory". In addition, series of the most spiteful accusations were hurled at me on various Internet forums by governmental shills who accused me of supposedly "making money on the 9/11 tragedy" by refusing to release my information free of charge.
Apparently, they did not bother to notice that my actual video presentation that lasted well over 4 hours was released totally free of charge and it successfully covered nearly all aspects of 9/11 and explained them even better than the book. But I understand them. They receive their monthly pay from the U.S. Government for trolling on the 9/11-related Internet forums and for ostracizing and ridiculing all 9/11 discussions dangerous to their masters. That is why they have to work off their monthly salaries. Perhaps, the majority of the innocent people do not even suspect that almost 99% of so-called "9/11 truthers" and full-time 9/11 conspiracy theorists are merely government appointed shills that receive their monthly subsistence at the expense of the American taxpayer. --Dimitri Khalezov


Dimitri Khalezov - 911tholgy Third Truth about 9-11 v4.pdf - 1096 pages full edition
Dimitri Khalezov - A Big Lyrical Digression.pdf - 240 pages
Dimitri Khalezov - Philosophy - an alternative version.pdf - 78 pages
I Was a Paid Internet Shill.pdf
Nuclear Demolition - WikiSpooks.pdf
Who Did 9-11.pdf


The Fetzer - Khalezov Interview

comment: Man, I love that guy! I've managed to locate the full sized 1096 pages edition of his amazing book. By the way, many of those shills are programmed mkultra Monarch slaves.