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Digital Montauk - Peter Moon with David Anderson - Time Control

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Welcome to the Anderson Institute ...where history is becoming an experimental science.

Imagine, traveling in time. Some process that would let you go backward in time to witness the events that changed history, or into the future to see if mankind survives, and then to return to the present with the knowledge of what will happen tomorrow. The process is intriguing, even mind boggling, but the science is more real than imagined.

Explore the possibilities on the exciting new frontier of time control and time travel with the Anderson Institute, dedicated exclusively to advancing the study and development of time control capabilities.

The Anderson Institute is a private research and development laboratory whose resources are targeted specifically at the time control applications using time-warped field technology in its proprietary time reactor systems (patent pending).

This website, is dedicated to the free and open study of the nature of time, from a multidisciplinary perspective, to assist each of us better understand the true nature of time and our place in the universe.

Interview with Dr. David Anderson is finally here!!!!!!! (Peter Moon Podcast #8)
Posted on June 25, 2015 by Peter Moon

Here is the long awaited interview with Dr. David Anderson in six segments (we spoke for about 4 hours, breaks included) that were conducted on June 13, 2015. Once again, it is highly recommended that you listen to Podcast #7 first so that you are familiar with Dr. Anderson and what he is talking about, particularly Podcast #7, Part 3 wherein Light Cones and Closed Timelike Curves are explained. We have also added additional music by Noosa to the fadeouts at the end of each segment. At the end of Segment 3 or PART THREE, you will also hear the full rendition of Noosa’s most popular and best selling song “Walk on By” which is followed by a short interview with Noosa’s lead singer and composer, Sky.


Thank you.

But the "Contact" script at Anderson´s website is broken... So it is not possible to reach them.

This scientist is extremely elusive - and it's not, in my opinion, because he is a fraud. But I am pretty sure he is deep into covert operations and this stuff is really secret. He tries to talk about it publicly every few years, but his website itself has gone offline a few times. I think he is very busy doing other things.