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(*)Derren Brown - Séance [2004]

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Derren Brown - Séance
Derren Brown: Séance, aired on Channel 4 on 31 May 2004.

I understand that many will not want to watch this due to their religious beliefs, and as Derren also explains in this episode, you may not want to watch the second half which contains a Ouija Board experiment.

I have been following Derren's work for a fair few years now, and have in more recent times have really delved into a lot of the principles and concepts he speaks about, writes about and demonstrates. Many people on Con|Cen will be unfamiliar with his work as he mainly has his stuff, such as this show, aired on Channel 4 only in the UK. Derren has set out to as much as he possibly can, expose the fraudulent “psychic” industry, palm reader, remote viewing, mind reading, horoscopes and other astrology, dowsing, Spiritualism, and many other New Age ideas such and crystal magic/therapy, Reiki, and even “curses”.

In Tricks of the Mind Derren states that “...using stooges is artistically repugnant and simply unnecessary.

In Séance Derren shows us how situations can be manipulated by the participants, most of the time without them even being aware of such involvement. We are shown Unconscious Fraud, where a participant, maybe even a “psychic” themselves can think, influence, carry out movements or actions all on a completely subconscious level. Ideomotor Suggestion is where a participant will actually be involved directly, but subconsciously, in the “experiment”, such as that of dowsing or the Ouija Board. There is also some use of Subliminal Persuasion, Misdirection and Cold Reading (Part of Mentalism).

Future uploads will include more in the fields of Subliminal Persuasion, Misdirection, Unconscious Fraud, Ideomotor Suggestion, but also material in the fields of Mentalism (other than just Cold Reading), Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), “Hypnosis”, Psychological Illusions, Memory Skills and tricks, Mind Control, Motor Sensitivity and MUCH more.

His book Tricks of the Mind is a definite must for anyone interested in looking into things a little deeper. That will then lead you onto MANY other artists and authors mentioned by Derren.

I hope you all enjoy this, PLEASE do rate, I’d like to know what those who watch it think, and also do please leave a comment after watching, feedback will help me decide on my next upload.

Sorry, but adverts are included, (not well versed in video editing and have a slow machine…though ironically, you can see the use of subliminal persuasion in loads of those included, I ended up watching them too anyway…

I have a brief comment on this topic at the following:

This is from a Biblical perspective, so many won't want to read this one:

Some of his things are watchable (at least in the UK) from the below website...
Website -

Enjoy Con|Cen.

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